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Natalia gulkin herself knocked out tooth

Unexpected problem threatened the shooting of a new clip of the singer

For three days, Nataliya Gulkina three times dropped a tooth in three different cities. It all started in Moscow on the eve of visit of the singer in St. Petersburg for the filming of the clip "you got me". During a concert in Moscow Natalia accidentally hit my front tooth with a microphone, and it is cracked, nadolola and fell. At eleven o'clock in the evening, the actress panicked and began to call the doctor who put her on reception for early morning — two hours before the flight to St. Petersburg. With the glued tooth gulkin arrived in the city on the Neva.

Наталия Гулькина сама себе выбила зуб

Natalia with humor reacted with the absence of Subroto: materials of press-services

"Doctor, I punished — nothing to bite, eat only soft foods. So I did even eat Breakfast normally afraid, only drank liquid yogurt, — shared the singer. — However, even before reaching the hotel, a tooth fell out again when I barely touched his tongue. The mood is instantly spoiled — I had scheduled a meeting with the friends, the Director of the video, trying on dresses... And I have no teeth".

Наталия Гулькина сама себе выбила зуб

Preparation shemaroo: materials of press-services

The situation was saved by Director Alexander Igudin, sending the artist to his doctor. With the newly glued tooth the shooting, according to Natalia, was a great success. In the video, the singer appeared in three vibrant looks with different hairdos and in different styles.

Наталия Гулькина сама себе выбила зуб

The frame of blipfoto: materials of press-services

But this mishap Gulkin has not ended. After the St. Petersburg filming, she flew on tour in Saratov and there during the concert — the tooth once again "jumped"!

"Good thing it was dimly lit club, and it was possible to hide behind the microphone" — ironically Natalia gulkin.

Back in the capital, the artist directly with the Luggage went to my doctor and now runs a multi-stage restoration of the affected tooth.

The premiere of the clip "you got me" is scheduled for mid-June. The song is a modern version of the story of Romeo and Juliet, the text is the line: "can't poison Us, does not have a poison."

Наталия Гулькина сама себе выбила зуб

Gulkin wondering what to do with the tooth?Photo: materials of press-services

"If the relationship of Romeo and Juliet at the time, was able to poison from the outside, over the senses of the modern lovers has no power, no poisons, — said Natalia. The whole joy of life that we have each other — you have me I have you!"


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