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Batrutdinov has placed points over i in a relationship with Buzova

The comedian has unveiled its orientation

40-year-old resident Comedy Club Timur Batrutdinov repeatedly attributed novels with famous colleagues in show business. Some time ago there have been auditory about his unfriendly relations with the former girl Timati Alena Shishkova. In April, the users were discussing a photo of him from a date with a mysterious stranger named Alice.

And one of the biggest news of the past winter began appearing regularly pictures and videos where the artist is having fun with Olga Buzova. But in a recent interview with People to Talk, he said that with a colleague it is associated only friendship that has lasted for almost ten years. To dispel the doubts of fans, the comedian noted that during the alleged joint vacation in Thailand, they with the singer lived separately.

With regards to jokes about his sexual orientation, Timur joked: "I Think this stupid rumor will exist until I get married. No, I'm not gay. Not homophobic — I don't care who is sleeping with whom".


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