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The founder of the group "Fungi" outraged by the betrayal of his wife

The producer appealed to the prospective opponent in the social network

The former leader of the Ukrainian music band "Mushrooms" Yuri Bardash unexpectedly has published in his microblog candid post. There he accused his wife Christine Bardash, acting under the alias Moon, treason. The musician says that she left him for participating in her group Alexander Voloshchuk.

Publication from Mushrooms (@grebzlife)22 Nov 2016 9:54 PST

"You, boy, caught between two fires the fire of great love, wanted to get into the family, seven years, live son we have gold, we have both good and evil. Live as best they can", — he said to the lover of his wife. Curiously, some time later the record was deleted from his page. However, attentive fans have noticed that the debate was joined by Luna, who caught her husband in the use supremenyc drugs, and Alexander, upreknuvshaya his infidelities and the violence towards Christine.


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