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Husband of Alena Kravets appeared on her birthday

What happened at the newly made couple?

The other day in a luxury Metropolitan restaurant, which is located in the famous skyscraper at the Kudrinskaya square, with fanfare celebrated his birthday singer, actress Alena Kravets. This evening she was honoured close friends and relatives, the tables were Laden with delicacies and champagne, and guests played a fashionable DJ. Not enough on this occasion only one — the husband of Alena. found out what happened to the newlyweds.

So, despite the absence of a spouse, the birthday girl stood tall, paying attention to all those present and received congratulations. "I've long been a fan of exclusive perfumes, — says Alena, received as a gift, loved the smell, knowing my passion for expensive selective fragrances, a friend decided to give me a very rare perfume. This limited edition, which has Madonna and Melania trump."

Муж Алены Кравец не появился на ее дне рождения

Alena Kravets was unable to see his wife on prazdnicinii press service

And where in this time was newly made husband of Alena? It turns out that has not played Mendelssohn's March for the second time, how blessed Kravets found better things to do than a birthday of the beloved? To question guests about where Ruslan, socialite Flirty responded that the flight of her husband from Switzerland was delayed because of bad weather, but at the first opportunity he will fly to Moscow. Indeed, it turned out that it's true: my husband was in a bad situation by coincidence. To make amends, the husband again promised to do Aretha some obscenely expensive gift. Recall that at the wedding he already gave her a diamond ring champagne 6 carats at the price of an apartment in the center of Moscow. Fortunately, the whole evening from Alena didn't move her close friend Regina männik that will give your friend energy, and the birthday still managed.

Муж Алены Кравец не появился на ее дне рождения

The company Alain is the husband amounted to Regina Manymaterials press service


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