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Barnabas painted to subscribers your daily diet

The artist commented on the accusations of anorexia

In recent times the Network users are actively discussing the increasingly visible slimming of the stars of the show Comedy Woman Catherine Barnabas. Note that early in his career on TV she became famous as the girl with appetizing forms. However, at this point in her address more often heard accusations of anorexia. The other day Kate decided to dot the i's on this issue.

Publication of KATYA BARNABAS (@kativarnava)8 Jun 2018 5:04 PDT

"Of course, I eat And normal! 1,75 living growth have yet to feed! I wasn't vegetarian sometimes eat eggs and cheese. Meat, fish, poultry, seafood, don't eat", she said in his microblog. Further telediva painted your daily diet.

Publication of KATYA BARNABAS (@kativarnava)Jun 6, 2018 1:53 PDT

"You can't just start drastically rationing the food.. and I am in no way saying to do like me. Believe me, I did not come immediately...very gradually, over several years," said the star. To build a proper diet without detriment to health, the actress also advised women to refer to a dietitian.


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