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Elena Armin van Buuren: the role of her feet in the rapid career

For all fans of the actress a retrospective of the series "Kitchen" was a real gift. Impressed by her bright image he looked to Elena outside decorations culinary - romantic sitcom

The fact that she will become an actress, Elena knew from childhood. And this dream came at such an early age that Elena herself and not remember what exactly was the reason. But really felt like she was already an actress while studying at the theatre Institute. Elena worked on the role of a deaf-mute girl and at some point suddenly felt that the heroine though settled in itself. "I suddenly realized that I had found a way and can easily co-exist. I know this girl: her plasticity, the essence of sight, her breath. When I went on stage, I 'fell" in her character. And caught a crazy feeling. Acting is a huge happiness — to be free in the way that you play. Perhaps, then, I felt that I can be an actress" — says Elena in an interview.

Елена Подкаминская: роль ее ног в стремительной карьере

Gennady Avramenko

His creative biography of Elena Armin van Buuren began in 2001 in the Theater of satire. And with unexpected input. Artistic Director of the theater Alexander Shirvindt, looking at Helen, almost immediately undressed her and gave the role of a prostitute in 'the Threepenny Opera". "This is a normal condition of the actress, who came and took the first stage," laughed later Armin van Buuren. And then in the theatre as the audience came one of the artists "Quartet And" Alex Baratz. And after this visit told Thank Hait: "There is a good foot in the scene running, let's take".

So Elena got in the play "Faster than rabbits", in the course of the work on which he met with the Director Dmitry Dyachenko, who first invited the actress in the films "what men talk About" and "About what speak men 2", and later, when Elena gave birth to their first daughter Pauline, Dmitry was invited to play the bitchy actress in the TV series "Kitchen".

Елена Подкаминская: роль ее ног в стремительной карьере

With a partner, "the kitchen" mark Bogatyrevichi: materials of press-services

"I really didn't even understand what you enter, but once entered, — says the actress. — Fed the child was shot, and then this project was so beautiful, loved by everyone and in our country, and, as it turned out, beyond. So legs, as you know, helped me very much".

Елена Подкаминская: роль ее ног в стремительной карьере

"Kitchen" brought Elena Russian popularpostdata: materials of press-services

Today Armin van Buuren the older two daughters, and the series is even moved as the film version on the big screen. However, despite a successful career, Armin van Buuren says that for her family first. Pauline gave birth to the actress, being married to businessman Alexander Placeim. But three years ago it became known that the couple after nine years of marriage decided to separate. About it the actress herself, to stem the tide of gossip, told in the broadcast one of the shows. According to her, the husband was too jealous of her to work. And thinking about it, Elena realized that work for her at the moment is more important. Even more so: to live with a person who does not feel its desires, does not share her dreams, she was not interested. So she decided to leave her as hard as it may be.

Nevertheless after the divorce, Elena managed to maintain good relations with Alexander. "Thank God, dad and Pauline coincided in relation to the child and educate him in love, in kindness, in trust for the world and openness to people, — says Elena. — All this in a difficult divorce situation helped us to prevent the transfer to the child any negative experiences with it, some negative relationships. And my new relationship she took as a friend, and very naturally."

In a new relationship with businessman Denis Goushchin in August last year she gave birth to her second child — also a daughter called eve. And her pregnancy actress hid from the public — as admitted later Elena, she wanted to protect loved ones from the gossip. Besides the father of the unborn baby did not attract publicity. And a few months later it became known that Armin van Buuren played at a wedding with the father of eve, without advertising this fact.

Елена Подкаминская: роль ее ног в стремительной карьере

Without Elena there is no iconic secular meropriyatiye Avramenko

After the birth of second daughter Armin van Buuren, as expected, did not stay home and almost immediately went to work, she plays in the theater, and film premieres with her participation, it is sufficient (for example, the third part of the film "what men talk About"). And Helen, coming out of the decree, surprised virtually everyone — has demonstrated chiseled figure and those beautiful slim legs. And here's a little something "extra" appeared only in the right places. "Something to hide, curves in the right places me, as a breastfeeding mom, very encouraging", — said at the very Armin van Buuren. And though the actress was "blaming" in all his forms only heredity and thin bone, still recognizes that seriously practices yoga and carefully monitoring diet — for example, instead of cakes as treats she can afford one date and very very rare — Apple or cherry strudel.


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