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Nikas Safronov: "I never touched the silicone Breasts."

Exclusive the artist explained why he does not approve of plastic surgery

Famous Russian painter Nikas Safronov, who recently in the project "Dom-2" suggested to the participant Sasha Black 600 thousand rubles only for the fact that 120-pound girl would not be to lose weight, urges to give up plastic surgery. As told Nikas in an exclusive interview he is a staunch opponent of silicone forms. According to the artist, the fashion for artificial forms will soon have to pass...

- I believe that plastic surgery should be done only in the most extreme case: suppose if a person had an accident, got injured in the war or was born with a genetic defect — admitted Nikas Safronov. But to alter your body or face just because it not seems too attractive or just a little does not fit into imposed on us modern standards of beauty is wrong.

- If the woman you need to adjust the breast after birth?

Is everything is a shade of artificiality. Let the chest is not as strong, but its own, and I, as a man, a woman who gave birth to and nursed with her milk the child will love and will always want to experience the excitement of touching a live breast, not the cold, heartless counterpart, made of silicone. When the surgeons involved in the appearance of the person and shape it the way you want the customer not as ordered nature, I, as the artist, it does not cause any positive emotions. I always, be not offended at me girl, feel the difference: usually after the plastic face and body are ugly and unnatural. In some cases, such operations are quite dangerous. For example, one of my friends after liposuction has become barren.

Никас Сафронов: «Я никогда не прикасался к силиконовой груди»

Nikas Safronov - for naturalness and creatematerial press service

- How then to cope with the extra weight? To starve?

- Fasting is not necessary. And generally let it be different people. And for me, it is better to let the girl to be slightly overweight than thin and often of this evil, because it has to constantly refuse to eat. There is religious fasting, when people limit themselves in food, and it is normal for the human body. But there is a pathology when women begin to lose weight, beat myself up, forcibly bringing himself to anorexia. Some want to look like Jennifer Lopez or Madonna, forgetting that those of your world, your body, and possibly your metabolism. And often in journals we don't see them as true individuals and those who are working on these things: a bunch of trainers, stylists, make-up artists and professionals of photoshop. If, say, you naturally have to have a more stout body, and glory to God. If only you were comfortable. But if you feel that you too better get yourself a form that you have, using the gym, pool or the right diet. And, of course, in any case, no need to starve and exhausting, especially to do a plastic surgery.

- You, by the way, uploaded like ladies with muscles?

- I don't. The girl must be feminine. Exactly Pushkin, Balzac devoted their immortal works. But if it looks like a "Jock", it is more of an anomaly and already it is unclear whether the woman is similar to man, or man on woman. The same can be said about tattoo and piercing despite the modern fashion. Fashion comes and goes, tattoos and holes will remain forever — and then what to do once plastic?

- About plastic surgery clear. And what do you think about beauticians and beauty shots? How often are they doing?

- I personally never. The only thing I do is every ten days cut beard and half-yearly short cut hair. And that's all. No new-fangled treatments do not — for me it's a waste of time. I believe that a man should take a shower every day, brush your teeth, and in General, should be an interesting conversationalist and educated to attract the woman of your worthy deeds, and to be in the business professional. And not, say, red like a rooster's mane, sewn biceps or stretched, plastic surgeon face. But, of course, there are exceptions. However, if something's worth doing, it is necessary to do it so that never and no one noticed, which is rare.


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