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The most high-profile romances and breakups players

In anticipation of the 2018 world Cup remember what Ronaldo, Kerzhakov, Arshavin and other players were not in the sports and society pages

The last time the players increasingly becoming a secular characters, and even heroes of the tabloids. And all because to turn loud novels they do no worse and sometimes much better than to score goals. remembered a tabloid life of Cristiano Ronaldo and his most notorious affair with Russian model Irina Shayk, and this kind of achievements of our players.

Ronaldo — between the babe and mom

A couple of Ronaldo and Shayk sometimes called the Beckham generation 2.0. The player and model met in 2010 under very romantic circumstances, namely on the set of underwear. Speak, between them immediately flashed a spark, however, before Irina and Cristiano were together, it took several months.

According to the environment Shake, despite the specificity of their profession, Irina is very serious about relations between man and woman, and even worse the family. At the same time, young, but already incredibly famous Ronaldo preferred to live at the speed of lightning soccer attack. Some time after the start of the relationship with Irina Cristiano suddenly there is a child born to a surrogate mother. However, the Shake did not for this reason any public statements. She had spent a lot of time baby, called Cristiano Junior, and regularly went with him to football matches his father. Rumors that Ronaldo is having an affair with model Andrassy Urak, too, brought Irina out of balance. She appeared together with Cristiano, the couple looked very happy, and he Ronaldo threatened to sue his alleged mistress Andress for libel.

Самые громкие романы и расставания футболистов

Irina Shayk broke up with Ronaldo in 2015, and later gave birth to daughter Hollywood actor Bradley Cooperate:

From time to time there was talk that Cristiano and Irina are thinking about the wedding. It is expected in 2012, immediately after the world Cup and a year later, but the rumors remained rumors. In early 2015 there was news that the couple broke up, and later Irina gave an interview to the Spanish edition of Hola!, in which, probably for the first time commented on his relationship with the famous footballer.

"A woman feels uncomfortable when next to it is the wrong man, — has told model. — I feel uncomfortable and unsafe. Thought I had found the perfect man, but things turned out differently. My ideal man is faithful and honest gentleman who knows how to treat a woman. I don't believe in men who make us feel miserable. They are boys, not men".

We must admit that after breaking up with Ronaldo "faithful and honest" gentleman met models pretty quickly. He was a Hollywood heartthrob Bradley Cooper, who became the father of his daughter Irina. And Ronaldo, having complete freedom of action, he continued studying the world of mannequins. However, in the surroundings of the player say that parting with the Russian beauty was for the Portuguese a tangible injury, and everything that happens in your personal life Ronaldo since called postseason period.

However, the boring life of a football player clearly is not. In 2017, real Madrid again became a father — this time twins MATEO and eve. About the mother of toddlers again, nothing is known, whereby there was talk that women are only interested in Ronaldo as a great company to posing for photographers. Sometimes the rumors about specific preferences Cristiano overgrown spicy details, but neither facts nor comments on this subject have been reported.

Самые громкие романы и расставания футболистов

Georgina Rodriguez recently gave birth to Ronaldo's daughter and became the first woman cooks, which has declared that is mother of the child player. About moms of older children Cristiano nothing investnafta:

Recently Ronaldo has another daughter called Alana Martina. And it was the first child, the mother's name which everybody knows. The baby gave birth to the official at the time the girl Ronaldo Georgina Rodriguez. They met at a fashion show, and after almost a year and a half model and dancer gave birth to a child. Cristiano and Georgina do not hide from the public children and often spread in social networks your family photos. On the surface it looks like a real idyll, and so once again there is talk about the forthcoming wedding. However, on this occasion a couple of comments.

As recognized by Ronaldo, the main woman of his life will always remain his mother Maria Dolores DOS Santos Aveiro. She was still his friend, assistant, accompanied by the famous son all over the world. It was she, a simple cook, put in maximum efforts to from a boy who started to play soccer with a rag ball, because it was not possible to buy a real, increased global superstar. And this mother, of course, safer all supermodels put together.

Fedor Smolov and Victoria Lopyreva

Самые громкие романы и расставания футболистов

Fedor Smolov and Victoria Loirevalley Sharlovskoe

It was too beautiful to last long... About as secular gossips characterize the relations Fyodor Smolov and Victoria Lopyreva. Together charismatic young football player and "Miss Russia-2003" look like the magazine covers the lives of the rich, famous and irresistible. Yes, and they resembled a journal article: introduction in General, the company, the rapid Roman, offer hands and hearts, a wedding in the Maldives...

Together, they were two years. In his microblog Victoria explained that the young man was not ready to have a family. "I loved my husband and was happy, and she truly believed that we have the perfect family; but sometimes something becomes the proverbial last straw that tips the scales... And you know that I was reaching the point of no return. I'm not someone, but from the situation you will never be able to take. For me family is the most important thing in life, I really hope that she will," wrote Victoria.

Smolov meanwhile, made a curious recognition. It turns out that the relationship with Victoria is not a very good impact on his career. As said Fedor, he played infrequently and not as successful as I would like. And indeed, after the couple broke up, many football fans noticed that the playing pitch was successful.

Alexander Kerzhakov and Milan day

Самые громкие романы и расставания футболистов

Alexander Kerzhakov and Milan, Tulvanuavou:

The famous footballer and daughter of Senator Vadim Tyulpanov called the most beautiful couple in St. Petersburg. They were married in 2016 under very dramatic circumstances. Alexander parting with the civil wife Catherine Safronova was a scandalous character, because Kerzhakov through the court demanded to deprive the woman of the parental rights and eventually took their son.

In the same year, Alexander the third time became the father: Milan footballer gave birth to a son. However, during this period, the family experienced grief: Milana's father died — they say the girl was depressed, she even had to ask for help.

Gradually, the relationship between the spouses began to change. Increasingly, they began to see one by one, and they even had a rest recently in Bali allegedly apart, though, and I flew there together. Instagram Milana lately there's no pictures with her husband. The Network has already appeared the familiar stories of this couple about the breakup of Alexander and Milana.

Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova

Самые громкие романы и расставания футболистов

Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Botanical Medincine

The secular press jokingly called this pair "tarabotti", although the relationship between the player and the presenter was very serious. When I first met with Olga Tarasov was married, he had grown two year old daughter. However, the new novel led Dmitry to the decision to divorce his wife and be with Buzova. In the narrow family circle they arranged a celebration on the ship. The honeymoon did not happen: the very next day Tarasov flew on the charges, and Olga went on shooting. However, the girl didn't mind, because he knew that marrying a footballer.

At first, everything was romantic to tears. The couple satisfied after each other lavish receptions, recorded songs, filled up with flowers and gifts, had a great time in exotic resorts. The press adored them.

However, the General euphoria was short-lived. At some point Olga and Dmitri ceased to appear together. And the year before got a divorce because, according to rumors, the player began an affair with model Anastasia Kostenko. Although the Tarasov claims that they started Dating after the divorce. The current darling of the athlete is pregnant; in addition, the couple has registered their relationship.

Andrey Arshavin and Julia Baranovskaya

Самые громкие романы и расставания футболистов

Andrey Arshavin and Julia Baranovskaya: materials of press-services

They met by accident on the Nevsky prospect — when Julia was still a student at the University of aerospace instrumentation. Roman spun quickly, and soon they had a son Artem. Then Julia had to leave his University. Three years later the family welcomed a daughter Jan, and after three, Julia became pregnant, Jr., Arseniy. At the moment the player said that he has another woman and he intends to leave his family. For Yulia this news sounded like thunder from a clear sky.

Special scandalous the separation of the pair gave a trial where Baranovskaya tried to knock out the father of her child support payments. And although they were not officially painted, on hearings, Arshavin still gave the apartment in Saint-Petersburg and part of their income. By the way, after the whole Julia has published a book, which told in detail about cheating ex-husband and other difficult situations in the family.

Arshavin is now officially married with a fatal brunette-the other woman by Alice Kazeminy, who bore him a daughter, Yesenia.


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