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Yana Rudkovskaya came to the defense of Milan Kerzhakova

The producer offered her to head the St. Petersburg branch of the ice show of Plushenko

Yana Rudkovskaya close to her heart was the problem in the family of Alexander Kerzhakov. She supported like a football player, his wife. In his microblog producer expressed delight and pride in the act of Milana, who has confessed to drug rehabilitation.

According to Jana, the girl on the road to recovery and it is possible to trust serious work. Rudkovsky suggested Kerzhakova to head the St. Petersburg branch of the ice show, which involved the famous Rudkovskaya husband, Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko and their son.

Яна Рудковская встала на защиту Миланы Кержаковой

Family Kiriakovich can start a new отношения

"Milan saw the son, talked with Sasha, they heard each other,Milan did, maybe the oldest thing in your life today-bold, deserving of great respect! The act of a strong woman, destroying the Soviet stereotypes!" (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., — wrote Rudkovskaya. — "Good, I'm really proud of you! Proud of your deed, only a strong man capable of such a step."


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