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Adventure fans in Russia: the most interesting stories

On television know very well that during the world Cup only twenty percent of airtime dedicated to soccer, and the other eighty — okolofutbolnye passions

In the first days of the championship Red square was closed, so the fans chose his fan zone pedestrian Nikolskaya street. Yes so there and remained. It is on Nikolskaya every day boil real fan passion. People meet, fraternize and fall in love. Argentine fans gave the other day, even something like carnival, which involved almost all the loitering. Dissatisfied with only utilities that every morning is a beautiful Central street you can see ruins with broken benches and tons of garbage. However, by noon the St. Nicholas again, shining with cleanliness, and in the evening turns into a fan power place.

A separate theme — costumes fans. The Australians struck all outfits bellied yellow smileys. The Colombians running around with colorful masks on their heads, including tigers and lions. Fans from Colombia dressed in hip headbands and native American headdresses feather and down half-naked in the subway, embarrassed modest Metropolitan ladies.

Brazilian fans shocked Muscovites and guests of the world Cup dressed up in costumes that they look like dinosaurs. Photos with these funny outfits immediately broke all records in the Network.

The Mexicans were worn by a hurricane in a traditional sombrero and poncho. One of them was in a normal blue t-shirt, just remember football fans. This bearded Mexican Javier, which is not released into the Cup of his love. Friends fan, so he was not hurt, made him a cardboard photocopy to his full height, which brought to Russia and dragged everywhere. Paper Javier became so popular that she took pity and let him go to Russia. In the end, Javier arrived in Yekaterinburg, where he was greeted as a national hero.

Приключения болельщиков в России: самые интересные истории

Photo of fans in a very strange attire attracted a huge number of views in social, setfoto:

Geography lessons

Russia is a country of vast. Cities have a lot, and the names for them a little less. He didn't know that Argentine fans. When they bought tickets to Nizhny Novgorod, we were very happy that the ticket office was full of suggestions. And only arrived at the scene, masters of chants found that confused the two cities. They needed Nizhny Novgorod, and they came to Novgorod the Great.

French fans managed to confuse St. Petersburg with Moscow. They sensed something was wrong only when near the metro station "Okhotny Ryad" their Navigator refused to cope with the task of finding Nevsky prospect.

In such a situation were the Mexican fans, who because of an error in the airport was not in Ekaterinburg, and in the capital of Komi Republic — Syktyvkar. But the locals gave the Mexicans a tour of the city, fraternized and even played football with them.

In General, in this championship, ordinary people show themselves from the best side. And not only the hosts of the championship, but also his guests. So, the wife of the famous composer Alexander Zhurbin Irina Ginzburg-zhurbina in his microblog told almost Christmas story. "Sometimes, at once, went blue today in the Moscow trolleybus. And witnessed the miracle. A Mexican fan with placard with the inscription that he needed tickets for today's match Germany — Mexico, suddenly got them out of the hands of the German fan who was sitting next to me, and completely free. Here's a she, Moscow mandelina". In proof of the veracity of its history Irina even posted a photo of happy fan with a plaintive sign and gift tickets.

Brazilian surprise

It turns out that not only teach drunk Russian obscene expressions of the aborigines, while vacationing abroad. Brazilian fans recorded and posted online videos where they are together with a Russian girl who doesn't understand Portuguese, shouting is not the innocuous words. The girl thought it was just a football chant. The video caused indignation of the Russian fans. They began to collect signatures online for a petition demanding to punish the "witty" Brazilians. The petition gathered more than fifteen thousand signatures. The materials were in the Brazilian media. Jokers instantly found. They were the officer of the gendarmerie, a lawyer and an airline. The first two of their executives warned "to be entered in a personal matter" for misconduct, defamatory Brazil, but the lover the sky just fired.

Not gone far and Argentine fans. They taught the Russians to offer the services of an intimate nature. With the help of Russian media "humor" were also identified. The Minister of security of Argentina, Patricia Bullrich, asked the Russian side to take merry in the blanks for the matches. Jokers have repented in the media before all the Russian girls.

At a party in Russia came not only football fans, but scammers of all stripes. Member of the criminal group Brazilian Rodrigo Vicentini, Dinardi arrived in Russia on a false passport of the citizen of Italy in London. And arrived not by their crime, and to cheer for the national team. But was detained after the match Brazil — Costa Rica. In Saint Petersburg Interpol officers found the man, who was in the international wanted list. While there was a match, the Russian security forces and their Brazilian colleagues studied the video. In one of the sectors found the culprit. He was photographed in the stands, arrived to the investigators and sent the Brazilians. They confirmed that identified him. During the game, Rodrigo delay did not, in order not to provoke other fans. Operation on detention was carried out immediately after the match. Now Rodrigo Vicentini, Dinardi will be several months be held in the Petersburg jail pending extradition to his homeland.

Publication of Natalia Nemchinov (@nemchinovanatali)Jun 25, 2018 9:22 PDT

Looking for a woman

In the first days of the championship almost the official face of all the fans was chosen pretty Russian woman in the short shirt and the headdress. She looked impressive in his outfit on the stands of the stadium that her image appeared on the official website of the First channel. Foreign journalists called it "the most beautiful Russian cheerleader". But it soon became clear that the lady starred in a very candid movies. The photo of the girl was immediately removed from official websites. And although she tried to justify that such stuffing in the Network — the revenge of her "former" about the most beautiful Russian cheerleader couldn't wait to forget.


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