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Melt away: 8 extremely emaciated stars

Tatyana Ustinova, Anfisa Chekhov, Leonardo DiCaprio and other celebrities who have been able to get rid of the hated kilograms

In social networks there were photos of Tatiana Ustinova with the filming of a new show. 50-year-old writer, it is impossible to know — so much she postroila. In comments under a photo, admire the force of will and the beauty of Tatiana. Note that Ustinov for several years has been fighting with excess weight. The key to successful weight loss has become the "cuts" of portions.

Тают на глазах: 8 экстремально похудевших звезд

She Actinovate:

After the movie "I lose weight" lose kilos for the role, and Alexander Bortech. To recruit them, of course, was much easier than dumping. However, the actress went hard to his goal. Now Alexandra Bortech back to the previous weight and can once again delight fans of the pictures in slinky outfits.

Тают на глазах: 8 экстремально похудевших звезд

Sasha Bortech during and after shimokita:

Anfisa Chekhova, who participated this year in a show about losing weight, never tried to universally accepted standards of beauty, considering their shape more appetizing than skinny models. However, not so long ago and it surprised its users photos, which looks much postroynevshaya. According to Anfisa, diets it hurts, just listening to their own body. However, many fans do not believe Chekhova: someone thinks that the photos are photoshopped, and someone writes about the use of spanx.

Тают на глазах: 8 экстремально похудевших звезд

Anfisa, Jehovite:

Well-known singer Ksenia Novikova has always been known for outstanding forms. However, the former soloist of the "Brilliant" was able to lose the hated extra pounds. Now Kseniya Novikova can upload pictures in swimsuits, with a relaxed soul singer absolutely nothing to hide.

Тают на глазах: 8 экстремально похудевших звезд

Xenia, Noviciate:

Polina Gagarina — a true role model. The singer was never full, but after her pregnancy became more prominent. But in recent years, Gagarin has dropped 40 pounds. In his "Instagrame" Polina often shares a bikini and even more shots of hard training. But now many fans are calling the singer to stop to lose weight — too skinny, the singer looks in the last photo.

Тают на глазах: 8 экстремально похудевших звезд

Pauline, Gagarinite:

Foreign stars are not far behind: for example, actor Jonah hill, star of "Escape from Vegas" and "the wolf of wall Street," has lost more than 50 pounds. Fans adore the actor in the comments under a photo in his Instagram: "looking Good! Keep it up!"

Тают на глазах: 8 экстремально похудевших звезд

John Hellveto:

After leaving the pop group Spice Girls Geri Halliwell set a goal to lose weight. After all, the popular girl team took the role of mouth-watering donuts. The singer has achieved success in his solo career — but the first time fans could hardly recognize in the lean and athletic girl Geri from "peppercorns". However, the fanatical desire to lose weight almost cost the life of Halliwell. However, the singer was able in time to recover after rehabilitation, she managed to find a balance in the diet.

Тают на глазах: 8 экстремально похудевших звезд

Jerry Hollyville:

Leonardo DiCaprio has also managed to radically lose weight for a new role in Quentin Tarantino. However, he was given this very hard. The actor hired a personal chef and a carefully watched diet. DiCaprio literally became younger in the eyes of fans, but to brag about a photo in his Instagram did not.

Тают на глазах: 8 экстремально похудевших звезд

Leonardo DiCaprio and brad pitt in the first frame of the new filmphoto: materials of press-services


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