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Alexander Tsekalo: "do not Care about model looks!"

The Director spoke about the dream of his wife and gave advice to girls

Producer and Director Alexander Tsekalo at yesterday's premiere of his new movie told that his wife has plans to go to Kilimanjaro. The ascent of this mountain allowed the numerous tourist groups. Moreover, there are routes of varying difficulty. But not for Tsekalo. "I always find some reason not to do it," admitted Alexander, but added: "If she goes, I go. One I certainly will not let go."

Happily married, but do not expose my personal life, Alexander Tsekalo also gave tips on finding suitors for the girls. He was sure that the woman everything should be in harmony — and then the beloved will not have to search. "Do not care about model looks," assures the Director. According to Tsekalo, the woman should be not only beautiful, but also smart. So lonely beautiful women it is recommended to "buy brains".


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