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Muceniece priluchny and for the first time together came to light after the news about the breakup

Got to the hospital the actor arrived to the premiere with a portable heart rate monitor

No bad weather can't stop the Russian people, if he decided to make a hot party for the premiere of the new film. Yesterday in the garden "Hermitage" was hot. However, figuratively speaking: the cold and rain not canceled the premiere, but made some of the guests instead of crisp white shirts to dress up in hoodies and jackets. The event brought together dozens of actors, Directors, producers and fans of art cinema under the open sky. The stars spoke, toasts, tried fancy dishes. Among the guests were Igor jijikin, Andrew Hagolan, producer Renat Davletyarov, who came with his wife — singer Eugene Malakhov, Alexander Tsekalo and star spouses — Paul and Agatha muceniece Priluchny. This, of course, extremely surprised the audience. Because just a few days ago, all the media carried the information that Paul is in hospital. However, as it turned out, the artist just complications from the flu. Priluchnogo do was put in the hospital, but was soon allowed to spend time at home. However, now he has to constantly drip and be observed — that's why he came to the premiere of the film, where she played the main role, with a portable device for measuring heart rate.

Прилучный и Муцениеце впервые вместе вышли в свет после новости о расставании

On the body of actor fixed portable pulsobergrenze Avramenko

By the way, the audience also discussed the quarrel between the spouses some time ago. Then the pair took a break in the relationship, but then Agatha admitted that they just can't live without each other. Yesterday's party was the first joint output of the spouses in the light after the tensions. Now couple all right, and Paul even actively helping his wife to look good at social events, what Agatha told "".

"I only yesterday my Director said that I should come. I immediately wrote to my stylist, she brought me three dresses that I today on the set chose one. Costume designer lent me the earrings, Pasha yesterday I bought shoes, he knows my size. Yes, he and I dress sometimes buys — he's got good taste," admitted the actress.


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