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The star of "the Sweet life" was criticized for a date with a foreigner

The actress was struck by the reaction of Russian men

The influx of foreign visitors to Russia during the current world Cup has provoked an unprecedented boom in society, especially among girls. Some stars also decided to seize the opportunity and arrange a date with a foreigner.

One of them was 29-year-old Maria Shumakova, who became famous thanks to the TV series "Sweet life". She recently met with Argentine named Paolo. "The date was nice, a good guy with a good sense of humor. Never fall in love with foreigners, so a date pretty quickly turned into quite a friendly manner", — said the artist to his subscribers in Instagram.

However, Maria admitted, most surprising "a ton of angry messages from the Russian lads", of nazyvaya it "not Patriotic". The actress has urged compatriots to be careful, because, it turned out that the radical men of Moscow can cover them with green paint for the "romantic communication with foreigners."

Then he turned to the men: "If girls are choosing not in favor of you, maybe that says something, and we should think about? Maybe you should be more attentive to Russian ladies and appreciate us more than ever?", noting that to share love and life via the "regional" signs — "the case of narrow consciousness."


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