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As Alexey Kiselev have pedigree in the world of film, television and theatre

What connects social lion with Pavel Tabakov and Vladimir Kekhman?

Secular lion, an eligible bachelor and just a beautiful man Alex, "kitty" Kiselyov – the only son of Yevgeny Kiselyov, TV host and producer Maria Shakhova – announced the impending wedding. His fiancee – actress Maroussia Fomin, which before was predicted of the bride Pavel Tabakov. This will be the third marriage of Alexis: he was married to the representative of the ancient Georgian family, as well as one of the brightest Russian it-girls.

Alexey Kiselev and Mary Fomin first came together in November of last year on the evening of young choreographers in the "Gogol-center". And have since become virtually inseparable. Alexey, do not hesitate to accusations of sentimentality, has flooded his blog with pictures of loved. The paparazzi here was nothing to do: Kish himself told the world about each step. Thus, immediately after the engagement, he published a photo of a luxurious diamond ring from the famous brand. A little later, then recorded the facial expression of Mary when she said Yes to his proposal of marriage. And when it became known that his girlfriend is expecting a child, posted a photo of her with a rounded tummy and signed it: "My Marusia Fomin. Very pregnant and get fired up!"

Как Алексей Киселев породнил мир кино, телевидения и театра

Alexey Kiselev and Mary, Dominate:

But a year ago Mary was almost the official bride of Pavlo Tabakov. He then also did not conceal his love, and in an interview admitted that he with a girl easy, because they're both people of creative professions speak the same language. However, the parents of Paul oversaw the development of the novel his son from the outside: they have already become accustomed to the idea that tobacco-younger – guy independent and self-sufficient, and if their son is Dating a girl, that is his right. Paul and Mary were together for about a year and then broke up, preferring not to comment on what exactly was the reason.

Friends of Mary say that her current choice is more suitable. Experienced (Alexey Kiselev older than ten years), today he stands firmly on his feet and able to provide the young girl a reliable rear. To come to his present position, Kise had to change a few countries, wives and businesses.

Как Алексей Киселев породнил мир кино, телевидения и театра

A year ago Marusya Fomin was considered almost official the bride of Paul Tabakokurenie Avramenko

Modern Ignoramus

Alex "cat" Kiselev was born in a very famous family. His father – a famous TV presenter, the face of the old NTV, Evgeny Kiselev. Mother is a television producer Maria Shakhova, which I remember on the program "summer residents". Grandfather on my mother's side – Geliy Shakhov was the editor in chief of foreign broadcasting in the United States and Britain. Among other things, oversaw Vladimir Pozner interviewed in 1966 Kerensky. Grandmother, Erna Shakhova, an editor of the publishing house "Artistic literature", a man of encyclopaedic knowledge. On my father's side grandfather – Alexey Kiselev – was a scientist, a specialist in the field of aviation and rocket science, laureate of the Stalin prize. Although everyone in the family worked constantly wasted in the service of days and nights, lonely Alex felt. "I had a wonderful childhood and my parents provided me with incredible opportunities for learning and development. I was a beloved son of parents who could not live without their work."

Despite the fact that almost all of the relatives worked in the media, it is good for a long time could not choose. Therefore, I had to move countries and schools.

Как Алексей Киселев породнил мир кино, телевидения и театра

Now Mary is expecting a child, and the couple has already announced, swidbert:

First gnawed granite science in England. However, prestigious schools, where studied in parallel to Boris Yeltsin, Polina Deripaska, Alexei Chubais, it somehow quickly eliminated. Later went to conquer America, but the American passport he also has received: in the penultimate issue to the class while playing football broke my leg and lain in plaster for a couple of months behind classmates. The choice was either to stay for a second year in America, or to return to Moscow and there, in the native land, to finish school. He chose the second option.

However, in Russia, our hero is also not particularly easy to study. For example Mitrofanushka "Minor" Fonvizin (who did not want to learn, and wanted to marry) Alex unexpectedly tied the knot, and at seventeen became a young father. And already a family man again went to London.

The Mayans

About the first wife of Alexei Kiselyov is to say a few words, although it figure quite non-public. Maia Tarkhan-Mouravi – from the ancient Georgian princely family, which belongs to the upper caste feudal country. Kisa and Maya went to school (now the Bohemian school. Kapovich). And then together decided to move to London.

Как Алексей Киселев породнил мир кино, телевидения и театра

Maia Tarkhan-Morabito:

With Maya Alexey Kiselev and started my first serious business as a designer. He launched his own clothing brand Kisa, and to be like a fish in water among colleagues, first studied at the prestigious Saint Martins design, then business school. However, the skills did not really help: the crisis, investors decided not to invest in the brand, and the story ended. At least at the time.

Alex and Maya had lived for nine years. Dispersed peacefully, without scandals – when they realized that the relationship from love were transformed in friendly. Then kitty went to Russia, and Maya is still some time remained in London. But today she lives in Moscow and works in a media Agency for the promotion of content for TV and the Internet. And working shoulder to shoulder with his ex-mother-in-law – mother Alexei Kiselyov Masha Shakhova.

Grown son a young father

It is noteworthy that after the divorce, the son remained with the mother, as is usual, and with the father. Today George, whom everyone calls George, seventeen. But he has already gained the title of conqueror of female hearts. For a long time met with Taia Rumyantseva – daughter producer Alena and Evgeny Rumyantsev Harutyunyan. And with Ty, he met the restaurant from his father, often glance at the light of secular butterflies. George's parents have even thought that the son decided to repeat their experience, and to marry at seventeen, but recently, it seems he has a new love.

Как Алексей Киселев породнил мир кино, телевидения и театра

Kiselev, father and son, on some photos, especially where they fool around, they look like just prijatelite:

In April of this year, George in the microblog published a portrait of the other girls and escorted them to post vague caption: "And from me she ran away when I came with flowers." The people are attentive and inquisitive. So the identity of the mysterious stranger, photographed in profile, was disclosed pretty soon. It was the 17-year-old actress Lola Baranov (previously she was in a romantic relationship with who tragically died in a car accident actor by Yegor Clonaepam). George himself is nothing more have given their connection with the star of the show "the Street". But Lola, congratulating in may of George with his birthday, he wrote: "One of the most surprising and important acquaintances. Thank you for your sincerity, concern, and respect."

Interestingly, the darling of the father and the son about the same age and revolve in the same circles. However, even Kiselev, middle and Junior, on some photos, especially where they fool around, they look like just friends.


Many years after his return to Russia Alexey Kiselev appeared in the lists of eligible bachelors. A big surprise to the capital's Beau Monde was the news that Kish was engaged with IDA Lolo. Why so surprised secular circles?

First, future wife is five years older Kitties. Second, the IDA had the title "pojiratelei men's hearts" and in the view of many had been hunting men all grown up in all respects. She did not hide this fact, saying in an interview: "I believe that man should work and woman should support him".

Как Алексей Киселев породнил мир кино, телевидения и театра

A year after the divorce Kiselev IDA remarried. Her lover was Vladimir Kekhman, artistic Director of the Mikhailovsky theatre and the Novosibirsk Opera and ballet theatre, Novette:

IDA Lolo, nee Valeeva, a native of Novosibirsk. At quite a young age she left home and followed his love to Belarus. A few years IDA lived in Minsk, where he led fitness classes in one of the clubs. But the love was gone, and she moved to Moscow. Here IDA had somehow appeared in the assistants Pavel Sanaev, who once during a party introduced her to future husband, gave her a resounding name, extensive contacts and the status of it-girl.

Mark Lolo at the moment of acquaintance with IDA was the head of the company "Central partnership". They lived together for six years, and divorced by mutual agreement. Mark may not have left her after the divorce of millions (at least it says so herself IDA), but introduced into the highest light. Here, however, his companions she chose not the oligarch, as all were convinced, and the same secular party animal Kitty. However, his mistake, she realized pretty quickly. And with the same swiftness filed for divorce. "Alex did in this marriage very much ahead of itself on the turn, but I'm not caught up", she explained the reasons for leaving.

The Path Of IDA

Externally, the divorce was very peaceful. And later ex-spouses from time to time met at parties and talked pretty sweet. And Kish even at times laid out a joint picture that is simply signed: "Ex wife". But just a year after the divorce, IDA remarried.

Как Алексей Киселев породнил мир кино, телевидения и театра

Marriage with Vladimir Kekhman IDA gave birth to a daughter, Nastyfoo:

Her lover was Vladimir Kekhman, artistic Director of the Mikhailovsky theatre and Novosibirsk theatre of Opera and ballet NOVATUS. And the IDA became known in FB as IDA Valeeva Lolo Kekhman. Later the couple were married. The ceremony took place in one of the temples in St. Petersburg, and the public learned about the sacrament of Instagram Ksenia Sobchak.

In a new marriage, 38-year-old IDA, which many are enrolled in the category childfree, gave birth to a daughter, Anastasia. The girl was born in France, prematurely and very frail – only two pounds. Therefore, after the birth of IDA could not return to Russia and continued some time to live in France. Joined by Vladimir Kekhman. Although he already has three children from a previous marriage with Tatyana Litvinova, for the sake of the younger daughter, he took maternity leave. By the way, all the older kids took turns coming to France to meet with his sister.

...Well, Alexey Kiselev after her divorce from IDA Lolo publicly promised that in the near future will not tie the knot hymen. So his appearance with a certain young lady not taken seriously. And only when kitty has publicly announced that soon his beloved bear him a child, it became clear his promise he did not keep. Fortunately!


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