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Alexander Oleshko confidently abandoned illegitimate daughter

The actor claims that in Saratov no ties he never had

Alexander Oleshko has come to Saratov on tour with the play "the Scarlet flower". According to him, he was brought some girl with the words: "This is your daughter." The artist was shocked by this news, but immediately said that it was not his child. He is sure that there are no ties in this town he was not, as in so many other celebrity differs a spotless reputation.

"And the girl grows. And the awful thing is that she does not know who her real father is," said Oleshko in an interview with "Interlocutor".

In his opinion, the child was scared, it seems that he is not the first celebrity, which the scammers offer "fatherhood". Himself a famous artist still childless, and even have thought to enlist the help of a surrogate mother. However, I have decided that there is time, will look for his one and create a real family.


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