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Elena Korikova remembered about problems after childbirth

In his younger years, the actress had a hard time

Elena Korikova rarely shares details of his personal life, but there are exceptions. On the day of the 25th anniversary of the son of a friend and classmate of Mary Harsh, she has published archival photos. In the caption to the picture she remembered how they, the young mothers, it was difficult to play on stage.

"Oh, and have a bit of experience with us, our master, Sergey Solovyov and our partners, who have had so much time to wait... Thank them for their patience!" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — said Korikova. — "Every hour and a half of S. A. released us to feed the children, gave us a private room. We were in corsets for it to unlace and lace up also required a lot of time".

The difference between sons Harsh — Casper and Korikova — Arseniy few days. At that time the artist worked on the painting "Three sisters" and literally right from the hospital they had to return to the set.


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