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Anfisa Chekhov has launched a naked flash mob

The beginning of star own candid photo shoot

Figure Anfisa Chekhova admired by many. But if the girl was married to Guram Bablishvili, and behaved chastely, but now she had a ball. Together with a friend, the TV star filmed a secluded Villa in Greece, where it goes naked. Candid photo shoot Chekhov has placed in his microblog.

"And, Yes, I don't see anything awful in the Nude female body! Even if it is not perfect," — said Chekhov. "A brilliant artists have praised the beauty of the female body, poets, writers, sculptors, photographers! Of course, a naked human can be removed aesthetically pleasing and pornographic!".

In her opinion, if a person is afraid, afraid of nudity, then there are internal problems, complexes and inhibitions. Anfisa said that the body is divine, especially her. So no need to hide it under clothing.

"I propose to introduce the hashtag #megalopelma and to put their beautiful Nude photos!", — announced flash mob Chekhov.

Publication of Anfisa Chekhova (@achekhova)7 Jul 2018 at 3:18 am PDT


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