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The star of the show "Diary of psychic" Fatima Khadueva for a year can't look at yourself in the mirror

The doctor forgot the clairvoyant in the nose foreign object

The 13 finalist of "the battle of psychics" and the star of the show "Diary of psychic" Fatima Khadueva was the victim of medical negligence. A year ago, the psychic turned to surgeons to correct her nasal septum on one side (the box complicates breathing leads to constant nasal congestion, snoring, and can cause concomitant ENT diseases — approx. Confidently took on the surgery, the doctor messed up Fatima's face.

"The result: the septum was still crooked, adhesions formed infiltration and mowing the nose completely, a year of pain and discomfort, plus a permanent inflammatory process...," shared the celebrity in his Instagram.

Despite the assurances of the doctor that you just have to wait, the situation worsened. Khadueva asked for help in Natsionalnym mediko-surgical center N. I. Pirogov. There she has already had two surgeries and is preparing for the third.

"Lie in purulent Department of maxillofacial surgery... Managed to prevent the blood infection, maybe meningitis..." he calls Khadueva to the previous doctor. "And by the way, found something for you "leveled" nose! Is a foreign body my body the whole year trying to push out of me!".

Publication of Fatima Khadueva (@fatimakhadueva)6 Jul 2018 9:32 PDT


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