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8 statements of stars in support of the national team of Russia

Alla Pugacheva, Yana Rudkovskaya, Danila Kozlovsky, Polina Gagarina, Egor Krid, Sergey Lazarev, Semyon Slepakov, Garik Kharlamov and many others, believe that the world Cup victory of our football

Ivan Urgant, Natalia Vodianova, Maria Kozhevnikov, Maxim Galkin, Ksenia Sobchak, Maxim Vitorgan, Olga Buzova, Evgeni Plushenko, Paul Will Laysan utiasheva, Daria Klyukina, Kristina Asmus and many other stars expressed their support of our team and thanked the players for a great performance and delivered emotion. The last match between Russia and Croatia — the main theme of "Instagram".

8 высказываний звезд в поддержку сборной России

Alla Пугачева

Alla Pugacheva

Diva watched the match Russia Croatia in the company of Nikolai Baskov in Sochi, so all the advantages and disadvantages of our team can evaluate it as a witness.

"Proygrysh sometimes and winning. Thank you to our children for hope and faith in the RUSSIAN FOOTBALL!!!" (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the authors saved — approx. — written by Pugacheva.

8 высказываний звезд в поддержку сборной России

Yana Рудковская

Yana Rudkovskaya

"This is the best summer! This is the best world Cup! This is the best team! This is the best emotions! You exceeded our expectations, and again exceeded our expectations", says Yana. — "We will love you always! You have opened a new history in the Russian football!".

Rudkovskaya admits that love football and became a cheerleader.

8 высказываний звезд в поддержку сборной России

Daniel Козлов

Danila Kozlovsky

The actor during a match played on the stage of St. Petersburg. After the show he found a crowd of people and their reaction to the match.

"This happened in my country, it happened with us! This became possible thanks to our team that surprised the world, themselves, and gave us a reason to go crazy and feel a sense of pride and happiness," — said Kozlovsky. — "Yesterday, after we lost, we were together. As we are together now."

The actor spoke out in defense of Fyodor Smolov, who was unable to score from the penalty spot. Daniel noted that he is also part of the team, he just now in the most difficult moment in his career, and he needs support.

8 высказываний звезд в поддержку сборной России

Pauline Гагарина

Polina Gagarina

During the game, Gagarina was a concert in Turkey, but when we scored the first goal, she interrupted the speech. Polina speaks to his subscribers asking to be kinder and not to judge Fedor Smolov.

"You see only WHAT you did to us the whole match!! It is a victory because you have changed the opinion about our football!", –says Polina. "Now the millions of inhabitants of our country will believe in you as they did not believe never! Thank you, dear for the excellent football."

8 высказываний звезд в поддержку сборной России

Egor Крид

Egor Krid

"The national team of Russia on Football in 2018. Thank you for everything!" — said Yegor a video in which he says he feels sadness and at the same time proud of our team. And also expressed support for Smolov.

8 высказываний звезд в поддержку сборной России

Sergey and Nikita Лазаревы

Sergey Laglow

"The liability of the guys was a hell! They defended the honor of the country!", — supports the team by. "And so complete the world Cup is not a shame!! I with impatience will wait for the next world Cup and the performances of our national team!".

The singer was rooting for Russia, together with her son Nikita, Podrezova boy mustache and having grown their team to luck. They are pre-rehearsed chants, but alas.

"Thank you, guys! You-cool!", — says Lazarev — "football in our country alive!! Thank you for the faith! Thanks for the memories!".

8 высказываний звезд в поддержку сборной России

Simon Слепаков

Simon Slepakov

The comedian didn't believe in our players at the beginning of the championship. Says there was a sense of "hopelessness". He even wrote hurtful for athletes song, but the game is made Slepakova to change his mind.

"Thank you for that. It was powerful and enchanting," writes Simon. "I see you are lost, and nicely stepped aside, as polite hosts, who give all the best to the guests. You have every reason to be proud because we are proud of you."

Garik Kharlamov

Showman watched the match at the stadium: "Bravo guys"!

Publication of Garik Kharlamov (@garikkharlamov)7 Jul 2018 2:09 PDT


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