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The star of the movie "Taxi" received a Russian passport

French actor Sami Naseri: "to Be Russian for me is a state of mind"

The star of the legendary film "Taxi", French Naseri arrived to Yaroslavl to take part in the XIII International film festival of family and children's films "In the family". However, one movie program of the artist is not over. As regularly happens in Russia and her many travels, he was handed a so-called passport, which is given to those who actively visits the cities of the Golden ring. During your stay in Yaroslavl actor not only received official title to Russian tourists, but also visited local attractions, souvenir shops, etc.

And journalists could not ask whether the Frenchman to obtain Russian citizenship. After all for anybody not a secret that his colleague Gerard Depardieu has successfully become a Russian citizen.

"I have six years reglerna come to Russia and have been living in Moscow. I think I don't need a Russian passport, because I'm French. And to be Russian for me means to have a Russian passport. It is a state of mind. As soon as I started on a regular basis to live in Ross, I just started to do a multi entry visa with multiple entry. Like all visitors, I have started the visa which lasts three months. In September I'm getting a year's visa and I hope to get a visa for three years, so I can stay in Russia and travel to France, to his family. If I have to pay taxes, I pay them in France," — said Themselves.

By the way, as it turned out, the overseas guest is also an active football fan, and it was also one of the reasons for his arrival in our country.

Звезда фильма «Такси» получил в России паспорт

Naseri received the passport turistvandi Avramenko

"I can say that saw Russia preparing for the world Cup. People worked day and night to build stadiums to accept foreigners from Europe and around the world. I returned to Russia during the second week of the championship, and I was in a taxi and saw around various advertising logos, fans... I was shocked, it was great. Russia is a big and strong country. And the way it conducts world Cup is really fun. The entire infrastructure, organization of free travel for fans from around the world in buses, trains... And another thing I would like to say. In Europe we were given information about the opinion about Russia and Russian people. Before coming here, I honestly did not know Russia, and it was very sad, as it was written and written about Russia in the foreign media. And I can say that this world Cup completely changed opinion about Russia and, of course, about the Russian people. I talked to people, they believe that this championship will help change the country's image in the eyes of Europeans and foreigners," — said the actor.

Звезда фильма «Такси» получил в России паспорт

Company French visitor during a trip to Yaroslavl was the President of the film festival , actor, Alexander Couturecandy Avramenko


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