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The stars were soaked to film premieres

However, bad weather did not prevent the audience have fun. Details — in the secular review

Rain, wind and cold was accompanied by another Russian premiere of the Comedy. However, this did not prevent the stars to watch a movie and then another to celebrate this event for several hours. Among the guests were Igor jijikin, Alexander Hagolan, producer Renat Davletyarov, who came with the singer Eugene Malakhov, Alexander Tsekalo and others.

The Russian premiere of the Comedy. The 4th of July. The "Hermitage"Garden

So that guests are not cold, the area for buffet heated with outdoor gas heaters. Because to change the outfit that was already planned, not every girl is ready. Guests of the premiere did not go on experiments and came in a stylish summer dress. Moreover, Maria Smolnikova, Barbara Borodin and Irina Starshenbaum continued to be in good spirits and charge them to others, despite the rain. Although under such a huge umbrella and nothing seems to be scary!

Звезды вымокли на кинопремьере

Renat Davletyarov and Eugene Malgovernance Avramenko

Producer Renat Davletyarov and his wife Zhenya Malakhova got married four years ago, but not all fans still know about what happened, because in the light they come along very rarely. In recognition of Renata, they understand each other perfectly. So producer, and actress, we can say, found each other.

Звезды вымокли на кинопремьере

Paul and Agatha Priluchny Mycenaceae Avramenko

The emergence of Paul Priluchnogo and Agatha muceniece extremely surprised the audience. After all, the media actively reported about their breakup. In addition, on the eve of all reported that Paul is in hospital with a heart attack. As it turned out, the artist really complications from the flu, but it turned out to be disorders of neurological nature, and his life threatens nothing. However, now he has to constantly do a dropper — which is why he came to the premiere of the film, where she played the main role, with a portable device for measuring heart rate. To avoid colds he also dressed warmly. At the party Priluchny went in jacket and cap, almost without removing it. Well, judging by the smile on his face, the situation was not as dramatic as it might seem.

As for muceniece, she was pleased with the bright attire of blue color. "I only yesterday, the Director said that it is necessary to come. I immediately wrote to my stylist, she brought me three dresses that I today on the set chose one. Costume designer lent me the earrings, Pasha yesterday I bought shoes, he knows my size. Yes, he and I dress sometimes buys — he has good taste, — admitted the actress, "MK-Boulevard". — But I myself buy my husband something very rare. If he always guesses, to please him very difficult. For example, to go with him to buy shoes — you can shoot. He parameric the whole store, it's hard to walk with him. I had often bought things he eventually did not wear them," admitted the actress.

Звезды вымокли на кинопремьере

Natalya Avramenko Lesnikovskaya

Actress Natalia Lesnikovskaya recently joined the number of vacationers. And though the actress have not gone anywhere, she has been at many social events, where they could never get because of employment. At the party Lesnikovskaya gladly congratulated his colleagues with the premiere.

Звезды вымокли на кинопремьере

Igor zhizhikin and Andriy Avramenko Hidelegend

Igor zhizhikin and Andrew Hagolan in recent times downright frequent social events, which, of course, could not fail to please their fans. Colleagues are actively communicated and discussed the peculiarities of working in Hollywood. As told to the star of the series "Sashatanya", jijikin counseled the young generation in the right direction and told me that in Hollywood it is necessary to act. "Igor because Spielberg worked! Soon I am going to act," wrote Hagolan in his Instagram later that night when I was riding the train to a football match "France-Uruguay" in one compartment with a Uruguayan family. And during the trip he had to give the Uruguayans their first the bottom shelf, and then the whole compartment. Since foreigners didn't know how you can spend time on the upper shelves.


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