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Olga Drozdova 15 years trying to get pregnant

The birth of a son has changed her attitude to her husband

Guest of the new edition of "the Destiny of man" was Olga Drozdova. In the air she told Boris Korchevnikov why they Dmitry Pevtsov almost 15 years of relationship lived without children.

Publication of Dmitry Pevtsov (@dima_pevtsov)25 Dec 2017 10:20 PST

The actress admitted that in the first years of the Institute "youth and stupidity" had an abortion. At some point the couple had already resigned to the fact that they do not have common heirs. Then they decided to get married. And some time later, in August 2007, they had a long-awaited child, a son Elisha.

According to the artist, the addition to the family influenced her relationship to her husband. "I'm a loner, I still sometimes doubt his feelings. I'll say this: I understand only moms of boys, because after the birth of her son another look at men," said Olga.


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