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The firstborn was born dead Bledans

The actress survived the attack of a maniac

The heroine of the latest issue of the talk show "live" was the Evelina Bledans. In a candid interview with Andrei Malakhov told that she ruined her marriage with her first husband, producer Yuri Stytskovsky. According telediva, a few years ago, while pregnant, she was walking in the Park of Yalta, where she tried to rape by a stranger.

Publication of Evelina Bledans (@bledans)Jul 9, 2018 at 2:15 PDT

Fortunately, he was not able to implement his plan, but after this stress, Evelina had quickly taken to the hospital. In the hospital she said the child was born dead. After that, she and her husband have been unable to find the strength to continue the relationship.

Curiously, the editors, the program managed to get in touch with a resident in Tomsk, 26-year-old Anna Popova. The girl spent her childhood in a boarding school. She believes that Bledans may be her biological mother. But the results of specially conducted to determine that DNA-examination has shown that it is not.


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