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Stanislav Lyubshin: "I still hurt, I suffer"

Legendary Soviet actor is experiencing because of the loss of the Russian team

The national actor Stanislav Lyubshin very surprised fans with his statement that... knew about the defeat of the Russian team. As told the actor at the festival "family," where is the President of the jury for the main competition, when he came here, our team started playing. However, intuitively, the artist felt that we did not win.

"I once and he played football... I remember Bobrow, Nikanorova of CSKA, Eduard Streltsov. The level of those players is high. Here I am very sad: whether our schools are all lost, whether the state was still — succession did not. Now everything starts from zero, rises, but slowly. I was hoping that we'll meet Brazil in the final, but in the train I felt that we would lose. Intuition told, I was very nervous," admitted the star of the movie "kin-DZA-DZA".

However, the artist agrees that our team made a lot of things, but psychologically the loss affected the status of the artist.

"This championship was such a holiday, so we played soccer — it was a gift... Now we can sympathize with our children: they are beautiful. How could — he gave himself. Igorek — good for you, although not each time all can win. But of course, I hurt, I suffer. I have a few days going to suffer, perhaps, but then go further... Hurt, sad, but what is the sport. It is impossible to tear your hair and sprinkle yourself with something, not to leave the house... Need something more fun to watch. Our life is, we must go forward," advises Lyubshin.


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