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Maria Kozhevnikova has declassified the name of the younger son

Actress touching congratulated baby happy birthday

A year after the birth of her third child Maria Kozhevnikova revealed the secret of his name, which is so carefully concealed, and for the first time shared photos of the baby. On the first day of his son's birth, the actress has published a post on his Instagram, where he spoke that boy's name Vasily Vasilyev, and also shared some family circumstances, described the nature of the child and his "philosophical attitude" to life.

I beg to love and favor, Vasily Vasilyev! Son, you are my God's gift! I have learned much from you over these 365 dnata the only one in our family radiates calm, and your gentle look and a philosophical attitude excites me and touches), You will not vex, even when the brothers take away from you the toy, just take another...I will never forget how you was in the hospital with a high fever , and you had higher - 39,6 , I was so bad that I could not get up, and you sat there and looked me in the eyes , as if cheering , like mom, all right, don't worry about me) You radiate light, even on the street in our village still learn from a distant radiant Cornflower! In General, it's a universal joy to be your mom, and I apparently did something good in this life that the Lord sent me such a gift! My love , my king, and it is translated your name! I love you endlessly and pray to God for you! Live, enjoy, explore, achieve, and we, your whole big family always there!

Publication of Maria Kozhevnikova (@mkozhevnikova) Jul 9, 2018 at 7:27 PDT

Maria Kozhevnikova for 4 years happily married with businessman Yevgeny Vasilyev. The couple has three sons: 4-year-old Ivan, a 3-year-old max and one-year-old Vasily.


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