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Elena Zakharova took custody of a single mother of three children

The actress staged a fashion transformation graduate of the orphanage

Elena Zakharova has become a kind of fairy godmother for girls-orphans, which brings up one of three children. Together with the stylist, she participated in the transformation of the graduates of the orphanage, which, along with other stars walked the red carpet at the opening ceremony of the XIII International film festival "In the family". This event takes place in Yaroslavl. And she Zakharov before the ceremony, went to an orphanage, where she waited a few graduates of that institution.

Елена Захарова взяла под опеку мать-одиночку троих детей

Zakharov, together with the stylist prepared a 25-year-old single mother Diana Kamaldinov to the exit in sverginate Avramenko

"These girls are raising children without fathers. All mothers — graduates of the orphanage. And I understand that the services that they patronize, it is necessary to put a monument. Thank God, these girls are not abandoned children. Diana has three children, and she is 25 years old! Well, on the other hand, thank God they have it there! She's alive, she's not dead from hunger, it helps people. She refused and didn't have the abortion. Or other mother — she is 17 years old baby is 8 months old. It's very touching. And I, of course, they immediately wanted to help," said Elena, who herself is raising a little daughter.

By the way, as admitted actress, to help her become more beautiful is not difficult. The sense of taste Zakharova was present since childhood, she dictated even his mother, so she never had any problems with being fashionable and beautiful.

Елена Захарова взяла под опеку мать-одиночку троих детей

Elena Zakharova with graduates of the orphanage, some foster diagenode Avramenko

"I sometimes, by the way, mom criticized — as she cooks, the way you dress. I buy her clothes, and she always consults with me. Where that comes from, I don't know — if we talk about the taste. But my mom said that when I was little, I was already in kindergarten, said: "So, I went to one yesterday, today will not go." We also experienced when we expect the school will have to wear a school uniform. And when it was canceled, again, I said, "No, I need something new."

However, now the schedule of the actress is that to go two days in one and the same in the event she can not. "But sometimes I go to his, it is the very purchase, not take someone of the designers for the release of the secular, as we normally do," said the actress.


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