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Gauguin Solntsev stirred the audience with the 63-year-old wife and baby

Wife pleased showman incredible gift

Former participant reality show "House-2" Gauguin Solntsev recently legalized relationship with 63-year-old actress Catherine Tereshkovich. A few hours ago he posted on a personal page "Instagram" curious post. In the frame the artist captured with his beloved in the children's store, holding the handles of the chair with the baby.

Publication of Gauguin Solntsev (@solntcev)9 Jul 2018 12:42 PDT

"I confess that a miracle happened! Katyusha made me an incredible gift. I think you will be happy for us! But you need to wait a bit ... I want to share this event! And thank you my lovely! This is a real feast for you and for me" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — he admitted in the caption to the picture. Showman congratulated the members with a Day of family, love and fidelity, and promised that more details will tell in one of the following editions of the transfer of Andrei Malakhov.


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