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Michael Jackson was castrated at the insistence of his father

In adolescence, he had problems with the skin

After the death of the head of the Jackson family, Joseph Walter "Joe", the personal physician of Michael Jackson Conrad Murray recorded a video message in which he said that the legendary actor was "chemically castrated". The medic claims that the father by himself was giving him hormone injections. At that time, Michael had not yet started puberty, but had problems with the skin. The use of these drugs allowed to "freeze" the natural process of mutation of voice, subsequently glorified singer in the whole world.

Note that the fan community of Jackson has already reacted to this news. The fact that Dr. Murray was found guilty in the death of singer and convicted of "manslaughter" and "gross negligence" and denied a license for medical activities, despite the fact that he had his own network of medclinic. After serving only half the time, Murray was released from prison. He worked with Michael Jackson in the last few months of life the king of pop and was hired to prepare a singer to a heavy series of concerts. Fans of Jackson believe that Dr. Murray, like anyone, should have known that Michael suffered from a hereditary disease vitiligo, which is not treated with hormones. In addition, the king of pop has three children, which means it is the full men's health. The words of Murray, say the fans of Jackson, only confirm his low qualification as a doctor.


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