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Tanya Tereshina told how she got pregnant

The singer admitted that already knows the sex of the baby

Tanya Tereshina in September to marry her lover, a businessman named Oleg. While the singer did not disclose details of the upcoming celebration, but now expecting a child with her fiancé. Tereshina even told subscribers how conception occurred.

"So. How it all began...first, I and my lover decided to "try" (and by the way only one times, but which one)). Just the passion between us was so strong that urgently required the continuation of our relationship and fixing them" (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., and the beginning of their testimony, Tanya.

Publication of Tanya Tegea (@tanya_tereshina)7 Jul 2018 10:21 PDT

According to Tereshinoy, the first time she didn't even know they are pregnant, as long ceased to lead the women's calendar. And only after the characteristic of sensations in the lower abdomen decided to do a pregnancy test, and the results reported to your beloved.

"Oh, what was his face when I showed these same two brightest stripes! That it was necessary to remove storis)). During some euphoric shock pause we stood silently and smiled looking at each other and then hugged and I realized that I someone made very happy."

Tereshina also noted that the sex of the baby already knows, but to declassify its not going to.


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