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Olga Buzova took off the shooting because of the Novel Gritsenko

It seems the TV presenter still partial to the participant "House-2"

For six months the fans are watching the relationship of the singing TV presenter Olga Buzova and participant reality show "House-2" Roman Gritsenko. The young man at first very persistently wooed a star, but she made it clear that does not take him seriously. After that, Gritsenko started to pay attention to other girls than repeatedly aroused the jealousy of Olga. During one of the last broadcasts Buzova could not resist and went straight during filming, preliminary account of the Novel.

Publication of dom2_reality (@dom2_reality)26 Jul 2018 at 4:17 PDT

"I give you now the chance to tell me. And if you believe that it's the most important, I hear you. And I'm talking to you is not going to," said Teledema and left their workplace.

Publication of Irina Pinchuk (@pinchuk_official)July 22, 2018 5:44 PDT

Fans believe that this acute response of Olga is that lately Gritsenko started to take care of other participant of a reality Irina Pinchuk. Judging by the posts in her microblog, she already managed to get acquainted with the mother of the Novel.


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