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Liza Arzamasova: "I've studied all the stores materials and markets"

How is the summer star "Daddy's daughters"?

Actress Lisa Arzamasova the summer was very eventful. During your stay in Yessentuki on the festival of popular kinogeroev "Crystal spring" the girl said that together with colleagues has undergone the procedure and saw the priceless healing water.

"I met with a completely new kind of vacation Spa. Never me so did not care and did not do much useful for my health. We want to return here for a week or more to soak in one of the resorts. This beautiful and useful and enjoyable! The people are magical! Hospitable, delicate. Park in Kislovodsk — wonderful! Want more certainly many to walk there. I left a little early, so did not have time to visit the many excursions, so the desire to return is huge, I want all of you to look!" — shared his impressions of the artist.

It is worth noting that the rest of Arzamasova really was not superfluous, because it was very intense summer: for the first time, Lisa decided to do the repair myself.

Лиза Арзамасова: «Я изучила все магазины стройматериалов и рынки»

During your stay in Yessentuki Lisa managed to get acquainted with sanatorium-type otjihavera Kremer

"This summer for the first time independently started a repair in my mother's apartment. I wanted to show what I've grown up and how can to cope with global household task. At first the repair seemed like a nightmare, couldn't go into construction details, but in the process was involved, and now even it is a pity that it ends. It turned out that to change and update the space is incredibly exciting and inspiring! Examined all the stores of building materials and construction markets. Met some great people in the profession. I admire those who with their hands can create beauty in the house! Respect their work. I take this opportunity to say thank you to all who have worked with us," concluded the star.


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