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Menchov showed his "real face"

Leading sarcastically responded to criticism of her appearance

The star of the First channel Yulia Menshova July 31, celebrated his 49th birthday. Later she decided to find reviews of your online audience to the frames of the festival. In the end the most popular question in "Instagram" became the phrase: "What's with the face?".

Publication of Yulia Menshova (@juliavmenshova)31 Jul 2018 6:31 PDT

"My plastic surgeon, definitely overdone, and in fact, HERE IT is the real TRUTH, the REAL FACE" (hereinafter the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., signed telediva fresh selfie, which made a funny face, puffing out his cheeks and squinting eyes. Further leads jokingly said that every "normal photography" is "a Herculean effort artists make-up" and undergo serious processing in a graphics editor.

"On the telly come a day to bring themselves at least in some form, not to be ashamed people seem. About "Obuhovo"? Well, estessno... what do you want? With such a person to live — try it yourself" — she wrote, sarcastically offering to subscribers often write like her.


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