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Pugacheva has cancelled a holiday in order to receive a residence permit in Europe

The singer also attended their overseas accounts

Recently a source close to Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin explained the reason for the cancellation of their traditional for this time of year you travel to Jurmala. Familiar artists claim that the celebrity couple went to Europe to settle matters with the latest design of residence. Also izvstno that this requires the presence of all family members who will be issued a European passport which explains the decision of the spouses to bring the twins Lisa and Harry.

Indeed, despite aerophobia, Pugacheva recently took a plane to Sardinia, and then to Cyprus. This trip is also associated with the accumulation of the Divas that are in the offshore, and possibly will. "She wanted to personally check and organize the invoices, make orders in case anything about the heirs", — transfer words of the source "".


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