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The son of Natasha Koroleva went to live with another family

Why Arkhip and his star parents speak different languages?

Natasha Koroleva and her husband Sergei Glushko arrived yesterday to a party where they made a lot of noise, because with them was their 16 year old son. The boy at social events not seen for many years, so the public began to actively discuss how increased Arkhip and to whom he is like. Especially since the child is on growth almost caught up with dad. Well, the singer told in an exclusive interview, what is her favorite child.

"Our guy just came from Tokyo. Lived with a Japanese family, studied at a language school. With Archip is the first time we went to Japan three years ago because he began to study the language, before that I was in Tokyo 20 years ago. This, of course, exotic country, and I admire her, but not as Arkhip: he breathes it, he likes everything — from food to culture. He teaches Japanese for five years, and the last three years goes to Tokyo for an internship, — said the singer. — We ask, why Japanese? We are asked this question, he replied that he had nothing to do chose him. (Laughs.) But it's not the easiest language".

Now Arkhip has already reached the level when it understands a lot and speaks a little less. Answers not yet fluent, but, as they say, is still to come! The house is Packed with Japanese papers and training materials. So far, the offers have not yet mastered the characters, so books on Japanese star family at this point yet. Thanks to his son, the Queen and Glushko also began to learn an exotic language.

"I know that mom and dad is "Chichi" and "haha". And before I only knew "origato" is "thank you," said the singer.

By the way, the family that lived Arkhip, was completely unknown to the Russian stars, however, they dared to trust her with your child — and it has paid off.

"This is a common Japanese family, which participates in the international language program. Last year Arkhip on a whim came to him, and they took it again and, hopefully, waiting for him to continue," — said the singer.

Сын Наташи Королевой уезжал жить в другую семью

16-year-old Arkhip recently returned from Японии

The star's parents definitely happy to bond with his son, but I understand that is unlikely to help him in his career.

"I have already told my son that if you want in the future to connect their lives with Japan, you must only count on ourselves because we have nothing to contribute can't. We are only able to help with learning, so that later it became something serious," admitted Natasha.


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