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Died actor of the film "Cruel romance" and "the Elusive Avengers" Yury Martynov

Colleagues put it in an example to a new generation of artists

Today on 85-m to year of life this world has left an honoured artist of Russia Yury Martynov. Sad news on his official website said his colleagues from the State theater actor, where he served for over 50 years.

"Natural data and artisticheskii temperament, coupled with the strength of character helped Yuri Fedorovich to create stunning images in the movies. His talent is different from self-discipline and loyalty to his beloved profession — that today serves as an example for the younger generation of artists," lead article in the words of theatre Director Suren Shaumyan.

During his career, Martin has played in more than 120 films, the most famous of which — "Cruel romance", "Station for two", "Shadows disappear at noon", "Elusive Avengers", "the very Munchausen", "hussar ballad" and "mistress into maid".


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