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Ksenia Alferova has offended fans of the daughter

Fans accused the actress of disrespect

44-year-old Ksenia Alferova is trying to hide his personal life. The actress refuses to put pictures of my daughter in the Network. However, recently, after many requests from fans, Alferov gave up and promised the daughter. In a short time frame indeed appeared, but not exactly what was expected by the subscribers.

Publication from Ksenia Alferova (@ksenialferova)1 August 2018 at 7:26 am PDT

The fact that the photo shows only the shadows Alferova and her daughter on the sand. Fans were outraged and sarcastic signature to the publication: "All right! At the request of some workers, post a photo with your daughter!" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx.

The majority of subscribers are offended by such trick of the actress. The indignation they expressed in the comments under the post.


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