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Petrosyan and Stepanenko: the divorce will be loud

At stake is a very serious amount, and one party is not willing to share a large fortune equally

The news about the divorce Petrosyan and Stepanenko continues to be one of the most discussed. Most of all the audience, of course, worried about the considerable sums that are voiced by the lawyers. According to various sources, the value of the property is estimated at half a billion (!) rubles. It is about ten apartments, a lot of Antiques...

As told to journalists by the lawyer Sergei Zhorin, representing the interests of Petrosyan, Yevgeny vaganovich was willing to divide everything acquired during marriage, equally — as is usually done according to the law. However, says Zhorin, the second party in the person of Elena Stepanenko did not agree with this approach.

"She thinks that it must belong to a large part of the property", — quotes the lawyer "Komsomolskaya Pravda". According to Gorina, this requirement differently as treachery. "Everyone understands that the main source of income is Yevgeny vaganovich. Still, Elena G. — small cart, hitched to a big locomotive. The so-called "compliments from the chef" — said the Zhorin. — Yevgeny vaganovich has behaved decently, proposing to divide everything equally. Such noble men are rarely seen. It is strange that Elena did to him is quite treacherous. Her position: "You're a man, you need me to leave, take your toothbrush and go!".


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