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Daughter Anna Kurinoe comes the finest mommy in heels

11-year-old Xenia is already touring successfully passes a casting

Actress Anna Churina with her husband, actor and Director Alexey Petrukhin, raising 11-year-old daughter Ksenia. The girl is creative and the stories star mothers, nearly stomping her heels.

"She starred in the film "there is a God, or where babies come from?". This is the debut of her job, she even won the prize as best actress at the festival in Voronezh. And still played in the military picture, which was released in early summer. Waiting for the movie on television because it was shown during the world Cup, and, you know, spectators were few. But Susie, there is a very striking role, which would dream of any dramatic actress. In General, she dreams of directing, acting career, loves to draw, write stories," he told the actress.

Now the girl is engaged in a theatrical Studio, where he regularly put on plays, and even goes on tour to other cities. In this case the parents never meant to make a child star.

Дочь Анны Чуриной наступает звездной маме на пятки

Anna Churina daughter Ксенией

"I'm a supporter of the principle of non-violence. Many say: why do you push baby in this environment? But we do not push! I remember when it first appeared on the set. This was a movie "the Martian". Then she was little, and she didn't like it because it was long, tedious and dreary. But she made friends there with her daughter Anna Melikyan Sasha — they are our neighbors. The girls then began to make a movie, mount. Xenia into this and said, "No, mom, still I think..." And here she has already been on several auditions, her somewhere approved. That is, She passed the stage when you compete, compete with someone. She, by the way, do not worry about the samples, just feel very confident, it is good quality. Taken, not taken, she reflects on this issue", — said Anna.

Interestingly, at home with the child acting the parents do matter.

"You can't do in any case! — says Anna. The worst thing you can do for children is to teach them to read poetry. They either know it or you don't. I never worked with her daughter reading poetry, but she even got a diploma for first place in the recitation competition in school. And the teacher said, the way to do it, but Ksenia came home and said that so does not want to read, she has a vision. Well, I let her: do it your own way, the teacher will not be offended! And she did come out, I read and took the first place," said Churin.

By the way, that on casting comes the daughter of actress, you know, not all girls have a different last name, and leads her nanny, or brings driver. "I'm not specially encrypted, but I just think that it's her life. If she even wants to become a veterinarian — please," said Churin.

Дочь Анны Чуриной наступает звездной маме на пятки

Anna Kurinoe grows beautiful and talented daughter, who got their first acting награды

The only thing Anna wouldn't want to give your child is into modeling, even though girls have to have all the data.

"I was a model, I am not very liked, because it created an artificial world. But if this girl suddenly got ill and 25-27 years career ends?.. Why is that? To be photographed so she is able to. The Studio model rather needed as school aesthetic education. I went to a school where they showed how to walk and so on. The main thing is to know your angle, you can learn to pose in the mirror," concluded the star.


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