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For someone like the son of Dmitry Malikov

About little Marche told his parents, grandfather and friends of the family

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the musician, a well-known figure of Russian culture Yuri Malikov. This date was dedicated to another program Andrei Malakhov. Of course, at the time of broadcast, the guests were talking including about the grandson of Yuri Malikov — boy Marco, who was born recently at Dmitry and Elena Malkovich. For many, the story of the smallest member of this close-knit family was a real revelation. decided to tell more about the brand.

About a second child, particularly the boy, the couple Malikovich dreamed for a long time. But all attempts to produce an heir and was not successful. That's why the couple decided to hire the services of a surrogate mother. The boy was born in St. Petersburg elite clinic. All information about the child's birth were kept secret. Generally, the couple Malikovich, despite the friendliness and sociability, in fact, is one of the closest in the show business couple. Even the people that many consider them friends, were not aware of the upcoming replenishment in the family. Perhaps this news at all would have remained secret, but someone in the St. Petersburg hospital, where he was born the heir Malkovich, leaked information to the press.

На кого похож сын Дмитрия Маликова

The couple had long dreamed of a second ребенке

"I'm actually shocked that all know about it, — said Elena. — We are just not going like this to announce, but somebody from the hospital leaked this information to the TV people — one popular talk show on the Federal channel".
But when the secret was revealed, Elena gave an interview. "We don't want publicity: this long-awaited child, which was given to us long and hard. And idly talk about it so there is no desire. Height and weight normal, was born in time. But I wouldn't want anyone to know these details: happiness loves silence".

Surprisingly, even the eldest daughter Malkovich, Stefania, until the last moment did not know that she will have a brother. As she said later, told her about the new addition to the family five days before the "day x". "It was a shock. But then came the realization that this is the best gift for dad's birthday and my upcoming 18th birthday. Baby is a real doll, about such can only dream of."

На кого похож сын Дмитрия Маликова

even Malkovich eldest daughter, Stefania, until the last moment did not know that she will have брат

According to the happy posts of Stephanie on instagram, this event became for it very important. At least, it is most often spread in the microblog photo with her brother.

As parents Dmitry Malikov on the birth of the heir and is told the day before an important date. This is a conspiracy!

Although it wasn't specifically much the birth date, but it so happened that Dmitry Malikov and his daughter Stefania, and newborn son mark — the sign of the zodiac Aquarius. And year of birth mark and Dmitry Dogs. Surprisingly, the son suddenly appeared in front of 48-year anniversary Malikova, so you can consider it a gift to birthday.

By the way, the name of the mark did not appear immediately. The couple thought long and hard how to name the newborn. "In my head that is spinning, some other options, but the name is no", — said Elena. But then his wife, after long discussions, came to a common denominator: the name mark is a very strong, masculine, besides international. Well, plus the baby just born to the date when Orthodox Christians revere St. Mark. It turned out that the baby lived without a name for two months. And only then the parents finally agreed that mark is the best choice.

"The baby's gender during conception, timing is impossible"

Malikova immediately wanted to have them was born a boy. But even today's advanced technology can not guarantee the birth of a child of a particular sex. "I can only say that even with the tremendous progress in medicine, the baby's gender during conception, timing is impossible, — said Elena. But Dima is very long, many years wanted a boy and that God heard his prayers."

На кого похож сын Дмитрия Маликова

Recently Dmitry has shown her face a little Марка

But, of course, the couple would love a child of any gender. Because, in their opinion, children — this is happiness. "I was in the family only child. Loved, smart, beautiful, but only. When I was 20, suddenly passed away my mom, then dad. From the horror of what happened, I was saved by my then, still a baby, the daughter of Olga. Just because she was. After some time, my life changed dramatically, I met Dima, he found the perfect family: he, his parents, sister, grandmother, aunt, nephew, our wonderful daughter and son. A family is a team! Where one for all and all for one! And the more young players in it, the stronger it is!"

Surprisingly, despite its closeness from the public, Dmitry Malikov still used newborn son in your clip. If the couple all the photos on instagram covered the boy's face emojis, the music video made an exception. In the video for the song "the Last romantic" can be seen as the heir looks Malikovich. The shooting took place in the heart of Moscow, in the library named after Dostoevsky. Moreover, Malikov advance intrigued the audience: "coming Soon! Next week! My new video! Look at the YouTube channel, follow the posts, all romantics are in for a surprise!" At first not everyone realized what the surprise in store for them, but then many praised the courage Malikov, who finally decided to show his son!

На кого похож сын Дмитрия Маликова

Dmitry and Yuri Маликовы

Now all the friendly family loves tiny Mark. Him likes to walk the head of the family — Yuri Malikov. According to him, the boy looked like literally at all. Who speaks to the father of Dmitry Malikov, who — at her mother Elena Malikova. And someone says that his grandfather. And this fact is particularly warm jubilee of Yuri Malikov.


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