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Garik Sukachev entered into a dispute over the Crimea

The musician explained why he did not agree with Andrey Makarevich

Garik Sukachev gave an interview. TV channel "Moscow 24". Many of his phrases are immediately scattered all over the Internet for the quotation. After all, the musician expressed his opinion and in the Crimea, and also said that the future of Ukraine.

So, on the issue of Crimea, he replied that he believes the Russian Peninsula. "What to support-that to me? The position of Andrey Makarevich, that Crimea is not ours? even he was surprised. And he added, — our Crimea. We got three hundred years of fighting. Our sailors, soldiers, civilians — millions of people put him his life."

To emphasize that his position is based on real facts, he stressed that he knows the Crimea and the mood, which reigned there. "The mood I knew. And Sevastopol was a Russian city, and these are the banners hung "Sevastopol — Russian city" when he was Ukrainian," said he.
Well, when talking about the future of Ukraine, he said that there is nothing good sees. 've already "rose society, for which Stepan Bandera is a hero."

Now many expect will answer this interview Andrey Makarevich, which entered into sacony controversy, his colleague and longtime friend.


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