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The stars brought into the light their children

While the animators and magicians entertained the kids, their famous parents posed for photographers and answered questions of the secular chroniclers

Even in late July the high life in Moscow, if not in full swing, it sometimes comes to life. It turns out that not all celebrities have left the city, and even some children decided not to take.

Secular party Porch "Summer garden"

Anna Khilkevich, even in their ninth month of pregnancy was incredibly graceful and literally flew down the veranda. And her daughter Arianna immediately started playing in the company of animators. As explained by Anna, the child grows very active, so that deal is not always easy. "But I find her own approach," the actress confessed.

Звезды вывели в свет своих детей

Anna Churina with daughter Senegence Avramenko

Anna Churina came along with his daughter Ksenia, who in September will mark twelve years. The girl grows up a copy of mom clearly can conquer the podium, and so reporters asked whether the Xenia school models. But the actress said flatly: no way. And added that She goes to drama school, and receives from it mass of pleasure.

Звезды вывели в свет своих детей

Natasha Koroleva and Sergey Glushko with sinomenine Avramenko

Natasha Koroleva and Sergey Glushko do not hide from the public his son Arkhip, but the secular life of the young man very little time. Sixteen Arkhip spent a lot of time studying in America, and now she has lived in Tokyo, because it is already five years of teaching Japanese language.

Звезды вывели в свет своих детей

Timur Rodriguez and Julianna Carolinekennedy Avramenko

Timur Rodriguez and Julianna Karaulov appeared separately, but the time spent together because they had something to talk about. In particular, a couple interested in demonstrating tricks, news from the life of each other, as well as vitamin drinks. As it turned out, and Julianna, and Timur did not drink alcohol that allowed them to receive compliments from colleagues. The latter noted that the actors look as young as they were ten years ago.

Звезды вывели в свет своих детей

Maria Butyrskaya with deteriorate Avramenko

The mother of three children skater Maria Butyrskaya not often published, and even more so takes offspring. However, this time Mary made a daughter, Alexandra. Butyrskaya took the baby with an active workout at the tennis, so the girl was pleased the mother a good appetite and tireless energy on the Playground.


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