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Diana Gurtskaya: "Joseph Davydovich was there: on stage and in life, and at the wedding"

The singer does not hold back her tears, remembering people's artist

Diana Gurtskaya knew Joseph Kobzon, who died today, for many years, he was happy to help her with advice and real support. The artist cannot hold back the tears, speaking about his great friend and teacher.

"He was not just an Artist with a capital letter and a great man. Responsive, kind and caring. To him for help and support was everything: fellow artists, and ordinary people. A unique example of service to the country. A genuine hero, saving children in the Nord-OST, affectionate and loving father and grandfather. I can't hold back the tears, remembering those events that were connected with him. Joseph Davidovich was always there: on stage and in life. And at the wedding, and at the time of birth of the child when he called and said, "You have achieved a lot, but the main thing was done today." Sleep well, my dear man. There are no words to describe the pain of loss. We will always remember you!"


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