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The doctors identified the cause of the terrible diagnosis of.

The artist traveled to speak at "hot spots"

Today, my colleagues, and journalists remember the departed on 81 th year of life of the pop artist and Deputy Joseph Kobzon. During his lifetime he did not spare himself — gig in the "hot spots". Why are only nine trips to Afghanistan, where it was limited contingent of Soviet forces, negotiations with the terrorists in "Nord-OST" and exit the stage in Chernobyl after the terrible accident at the local nuclear power plant.

In 2005 he was diagnosed with cancer. Perhaps this "autograph of Chernobyl", the doctors said, because there the singer was performing in the middle of a catastrophe. After working a few shifts, the artist felt in throat sudden sore. "As if the chips fell, it's already the radiation has got. Well, then done. The good guys were, a lot of them later died. I got a great mark of distinction is the "Hero of Chernobyl". I don't wear. Beautiful Star," — said the "MK" the story of mater.


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