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"He left a great artist": stars say goodbye to.

In social networks began to receive condolences on the death of Joseph Davidovich

Celebrities mourn Joseph Kobzon, who died today from cancer. Legendary Soviet and Russian singer since 2005, was fighting cancer in the last days Joseph Davidovich was in intensive care, his life is supported with the help of machines. On Monday, the contractor went into a coma from which never came. One of the first condolences to the family Kobzon was published by his friend Vladimir Vinokur: "we Mourn! Love! Remember! Dear Nellie M., Andrew, Natalie-hold on we are with You! Grandchildren BOW!" (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the authors saved — approx.

"No words... can't believe..." the singer wrote in his microblog Zara.

For Julia Nachalova it is a personal loss: "Today was not a Great Legendary Artist. Joseph Davidovich Kobzon... For millions of people is a huge and irreplaceable loss... I personally knew and talked with Joseph Davidovich... It was a very good light, great soul, a talented man with a capital letter. This era is a legend... I really can't and don't want to believe it... But alas... I remember how on our wedding day with Evgeny Aldonin, Joseph Davydovich sang me a song "Daughter," and we are for a few days before it was learned that waiting for the daughter... What can I say... not only concerts and the creativity we shared, but also personal moments that will never be forgotten".

Publication of Prokhor Chaliapin (@p_shalyapin)30 August 2018 at 3:28 PDT

"We lost a Great Entertainer and a man with a huge heart.. Very sorry," grieves Prokhor Chaliapin.

Natasha Koroleva also can not believe what happened, "Joseph Davidovich! Dear ours! It's hard to believe... the Kingdom of heaven!"

"Joseph Davydovich....((((( difficult to find words Because all the words seem too small and simple compared to the grandeur, the legend and greatness of the person... Thank you for the love song, to music, to the viewer, even in the hardest moments! You are an example of fortitude, determination, faith, and overcoming, you're a true artist! Thank you! Light memory!" — condolences to Sergey Lazarev.

Publication from Sergey Lazarev (@lazarevsergey)30 August 2018 at 4:13 PDT

"An eerie feeling. Legends gone, and what had they not said they were great and replaced the darkness. Real, creepy, dark, dead music. Joseph Davidovich, you have always been the standard in many ways for many and for me in particular. From style to taste in art. Forever in my heart. Hurt" — wrote on his Facebook page, the husband of Nadezhda Babkina Eugene Mountains.


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