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Olga Sutulova and Evgeny Stychkin: contract on love

As they developed professional and personal life of the actress?

In the acting circles Olga Sutulova reputation of a girl with a difficult character, although she considers herself, on the contrary, too soft. decided to look at her to understand what she really is, to remember the brightest moments of her biography, tell about the marriage to Eugene Stychkin and frustrated love triangle.

Olga Sutulova, by her own admission, from early childhood was bad though and was in a special school with profound studying of English language. Even when she's fourteen and went on an exchange program students to improve their English in Oxford, and there was a black sheep — she did not have a relation neither with the teachers nor with the students. Well, in my school, she is not, as I remember her classmates, was myself as a nonconformist. So after eighth grade, she was just asked to leave the institution issuing the certificate is disgusting. The unexpected answer Stolovoi on it was her receipt from home to the nearest vocational school in shipping. But then rebelled against her parents — they didn't want his daughter to become a technician, a mechanic, though with perfect knowledge of the English language. And we agreed that Olga continued her studies at the school named after Alexander II in Peterhof.

Ольга Сутулова и Евгений Стычкин: контракт на любовь

In the TV series "Red bracelets" Olga played the mother of a seriously ill teenager. Pictured with a colleague on the project to the plan and Devonny, who got the role, Brachetto: materials of press-services

The first meeting with the world of cinema happened in a year on one of the holidays friends, where it took the parents. There, the future movie star met Oleg Danilov, a regular playwright Director Dmitry Astrakhan. Happened like in the movie. Asked her: "Girl, you want to be in a movie?" She replied, "of Course I do!" After some time Sutulova invited into the picture "waiting Room" where she's in his fifteen years working at one site with Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Mikhail Boyarsky, Vera Glagoleva. But fate once again tried to test it by sending to study in the University on historical faculty. Or rather, went to Olga herself, with the intention to obtain fundamental "serious" education. But, realizing already in the entrance exams that the historian, after five years of training, it's not very decent, it is specifically to answer the question the examiner has to bear Frank nonsense. And failing the entrance to the University, the first time he joined the acting at the VGIK in the workshop of Joseph Raihelgauz.

Acting principles

The actress Olga Sutulova became well-known after her role of a policeman, senior Sergeant Nina Tsvetkova in the film "Leningrad". At the time of filming, which lasted three years, then a budding actress refused all other proposals to fully take in the image. It was a well thought out decision. In General, Olga, as we already knew, the girl with solid fundamentals. So, she believes that the profession should be fun. Therefore never agreed to the project only in order to earn more, and more often flashed on the screen. Even at the beginning of his career, when young artists, as a rule, are grasping for any job, she was able to refuse the Directors. In recognition of Olga, she wants to be proud of their roles, and not go crazy on the Playground, wishing that he gave his consent to the shooting.

Ольга Сутулова и Евгений Стычкин: контракт на любовь

Olga Sutulova in the series "the Trotsky"Photo: materials of press-services

Today in the filmography of Olga Sutulova more than forty paintings. Call her talented, popular, though difficult actress with hard character. Olga even though she once admitted that he always considered himself a spineless girl who can not refuse. And so she has developed some hard features, and they help her today to say often "no". But apparently, somewhere on the way to the formation of the intractable nature it is somewhat overdone. And now Olga admits that sometimes scolds himself for temper, intemperance, and unnecessarily hard to communicate with people.

Mrs. Stychkin

About my personal life Olga Sutulova for a long time was not aware of a single fact. She said that he lives alone Ziama ("Moscow toy Terrier with a disgusting temper", just in case, added Olga). However, it was recognized that her heart was unfree, and cryptically hinted that her male ideal — it's Humphrey Bogart, how he is remembered in the film "Casablanca."

But of course at some point the secret is out. No matter how concealed Olga to her lover, and soon, reporters found out that she's Dating Eugene Stychkin. Roman actors began work on the film with the symbolic name "Contract for love".

And five years after their close acquaintance, in 2012, Olga and Eugene officially became husband and wife. Sutulova and this time forgot about his love of conspiracy and she was told about the joyous event in the microblog: "Comrades, please contact me Ms. Stychkin!" and published a picture of her in a white dress, and Eugene in a chic suit. Friends of the pair, a bit offended that the couple "squeezed wedding", but the newly minted husband and wife referred again to his dislike of publicity, and forgave them.

Ольга Сутулова и Евгений Стычкин: контракт на любовь

Eugene and Olga met on the set of the film "Contract on love"Photo: materials of press-services

By the way, in the early 2000s, Evgeniy Stychkin played a major role in the film "April". The picture then got many awards at different film festivals and rave reviews from critics. However, few people paid attention to this detail: in this picture Stychkin — well, the spitting image of Humphrey Bogart from Casablanca. Especially in those shots where the hero Stychkin constantly smokes cigarettes one after another and covers them with his hand, though around the raging wind...

Love quadrangle

If in movie circles, the news of the wedding of Olga and Yevgeny Stychkin Stolovoi was perceived albeit not happily, then with some approval in the press then got both. Of course! Because Stychkin was considered a respectable husband and father of three children. His first wife — the beautiful pianist Ekaterina Skanavi. They met almost by accident. Catherine came from Europe to Moscow on tour, and her mother was advised to go to the theater to occupy your time. That night on stage just Shine Evgeniy Stychkin. Don't fall in love with him was impossible. Bright, enchanting, talented... Almost immediately they started an affair, which ended with a wedding. Married love, as befits the people of art, not in a simple registry office, and the House-Museum Yermolova, where she often performed.

To their Union the young people have pedigree between acting, directing, ballet and art clans. And one of the grandfathers, Kathy, mark Skanavi, was a talented mathematician, the author of many books. American and Russian scientists, students and schoolchildren use, in particular, his math textbook so far. He also wrote poetry and plays. Father — a Professor at the Conservatoire and a talented pianist. Grandfather mother's side — Alexander Zarkhi, film Director, needs no introduction. His films "Anna Karenina" with Tatyana Samoilova, "Height" Nikolai Rybnikov know and love so far. Mother — a famous film critic, articles that were published in magazines. So from childhood, Katia was spinning in an artistic environment. Surprisingly, then she never met her future husband. After all, young Stychkin also conducted among the Bohemia.

Ольга Сутулова и Евгений Стычкин: контракт на любовь

Olga and Eugene lived for five years in the status of couples in love, and then became husband and geeganage Avramenko

The father of Eugene, the legendary translator Alexey Stychkin, worked for many years at the United Nations in Switzerland. And when he returned to Moscow and immediately fell into an artistic environment — I led a team of simultaneous interpreters at the Moscow international film festival. Zhenia's mother, a famous ballerina Kseniya Ryabinkina, which in our country know still as an actress — she played the beautiful Swan Princess in "the Tale of Tsar Saltan". Mom, looking like little Jack is a parody of friends and strangers, constantly repeated: "You're going in the theatre." Godfather Eugene Stychkin — in life and in profession — a famous actor Anatoly Romashin.

The couple — Evgeniy Stychkin Ekaterina Skanavi called perfect. Both are very successful and popular in their field, but however much time the couple gave the family and three children — the first born Alex, the middle lion and the younger Alexander. When Eugene and Kate asked whether it was hard to combine a career with raising children, they just wondered: how can a family to hinder the work? And Eugene were added jokingly: "We didn't plan anything. But someone has to deal with the demographic crisis in the country!"

So when it became known about divorce Stychkin and Skanavi and subsequent marriage to Eugene young actress Olga Sutulova, of course, the stones in the garden of the new family flew a lot. However, people who know claim: in fact, the situation is not such as it was represented in the press. In reality first started talking about divorce just Skanavi, who met a new love.

In any case, we are not dealing with a love triangle, and love of four-square. After the divorce, Kate is also remarried. Her choice was a German cellist Claudio Bojorquez. The couple are touring together, give solo concerts. Children often travel with her mother and new dad, but spend a lot of time with his own father. Eugene talks to his heirs as soon as he has a spare moment. Olga Sutulova also a great relationship. She jokes that she can't complain, because "chickinsky children perfect." In General, all happy.

By the way, three children inherited the talents of his father, and mother. The eldest son Alex and daughter Alexandra went to Ekaterina Skanavi — both are making great strides in the field of music. So Sasha is playing concerts with the orchestra under Vladimir Spivakov at the Great hall of the Conservatory. But the middle, Leo, apparently, will choose acting. In any case, the name Stychkin long will not leave the theater, music and movie posters.


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