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6 hot spots Iosif Kobzon

Afghanistan, Chernobyl, Dubrovka, Donbass, Syria — this man was never indifferent


From his youth Joseph was Kosonsoniy active citizenship: attending concerts Komsomol construction, fought for world peace on the border with China, during the conflict between the two countries, was part of the international delegations. And in the 80s one of the first played for the Soviet troops in Afghanistan. This was not a tourist trip, he was able to kill. Concerts Kobzon, he flew to this country nine times. Twice of those trips almost ended in tragedy. The helicopters, which moved the artist, he lit up.

6 горячих точек Иосифа Кобзона

He happily spoke to vennimala Medincine


A month later after a terrible accident Kobzon performed at his native Ukraine. Despite the risk of radiation, he performed for four hours. As it is now according to the doctors, the disease that killed the artist, has roots in the distant 1986.


The political career of Joseph Kobzon began in 1990 as a Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Then he openly opposed the Chechen separatism from the podium and went to concerts in the terrible to the soldiers and local residents. In 1996, the contractor performed at the stadium, among the bombed-out city. He negotiated the surrender of the Barayev gang.

6 горячих точек Иосифа Кобзона

Kobzon became the mentor of many artists. Diana Gorchinskaya Gubernatorova


Hearing that terrorists seized the Theatrical center on Dubrovka, Joseph Davidovich immediately went to help the hostages. Negotiate with the bandits he walked four times, was under gunpoint. Saved him a resounding title — Honored artist of the Chechen-Ingush Republic. From the building he managed to bring a pregnant woman with three children and an elderly Briton. The rescued hostage was named a newborn child after Kobzon.


From the beginning Kobzon adhered to the position that the Crimea should join Russia, during which he harshly criticized the Kiev authorities. And when did the events in Donetsk and Luhansk, Joseph Kobzon went to support concerts of his countrymen. After that the SBU made it into the "banned" to Ukraine. And most of the cities I lived in the early years: Kramatorsk, Slavyansk, Kobelyaky, Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava, deprived of his status of honorary citizen. In may 2016, the singer became a citizen of the self-proclaimed Donetsk Republic.

6 горячих точек Иосифа Кобзона

Native Ukraine refused picalilly Sharlovskoe


Despite his advanced age and illness, Iosif Kobzon in 2016, spoke before the Russian military personnel at the airbase Hamim. The concert was dedicated to the Day of defender of the Fatherland. Accompanied by the Central military orchestra of Ministry of defense of Russia. One of the songs the artist has devoted a victim of Russian su-24 pilot Oleg Peshkov, shot down Turkish air force.


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