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Ex-driver Anastasia Volochkova revealed the details of her personal life

A man accuses a ballerina alcoholism and promiscuous relationships

Over a year ago, Anastasia has won a lawsuit against his former driver Alexander Skirtach. The man was convicted of fraud and sentenced to three years probation and a fine in the amount of 376 thousand rubles. He recently released from prison and went to expose the dancers in the program Andrei Malakhov "live". According to Skirtach, Volochkova has fabricated a criminal case against him because he refused her sex.

"She has men there almost every day. All the servants I warned that I didn't sleep with her", — said Skirts.

The driver admitted that they regularly drove Anastasia to meetings with men at various hotels. He had happened to take in the morning delayed the bedroom of the hostess of guests.

"Come to work, She sleeps downstairs in a posh home on the couch. She tells me: 'Unable to who's in bed I was not," said Alexander.

In the same way Skirtach shared with the audience the daily routine Volochkova. She woke up to 11-12 o'clock, drank tea with rum, and then drank tequila, wine or Prosecco. This is not the first time that a dancer accused of alcoholism.


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