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Pregnant Evelina Bledans puts his life in danger

Doctors fear for the health of the artist

Evelina Bledans in 49 years pregnant again. It is clear that the natural way to become a mother at this age is not easy, so she resorted to the IVF procedure and is waiting for the child. Age of mother the trend of our time. However, doctors believe that this decision is a big risk for the lives not only of the baby, but most mothers.

"Women in this age increases the likelihood of premature birth, birth of underweight child, development of hypertension, gestational diabetes, previa and placental abruption. With regard to the health of the unborn baby that after age 35 increase the risk of birth of a baby with malformations or chromosomal disorders", — quotes the edition Dni.Ru the candidate of medical Sciences, associate Professor of women's diseases and reproductive health nmts them. N. I. Pirogova Irina Balakina. — "Increase the risk of death from pregnancy and childbirth — in women 35-39 years in 2,5 times, and after 40 years, 5.3 times compared to the age category of 20-30 years."

According to doctors, rejuvenation of the female body after childbirth is a myth. On the contrary, in this age, the woman devotes all his energy reserves for the baby, it will be difficult to care for him. And, in any case, according to the doctors, Evelina waiting for caesarean section, which may ruin her beautiful figure.


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