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Nikita Dzhigurda decided to get married to Marina Anisina those

The wedding, the actor plans to celebrate the receipt of an inheritance Ludmila Bratash

It seems that nearing the end of a long epic struggle Nikita Dzhigurda with relatives business lady Lyudmila Bratash. And, it seems, the actor will come out the winner — Russian lawyers refused the late sister — Svetlana Romanova the right to obtain the property Ludmila. Left to wait for the decisions of the courts of France and America, but there are requirements more stringent, so the hitch should not occur. The will Dzhigurda found to be authentic, but Romanova will have to explain why she didn't take care of a sick relative.

Himself Nikita is sure in victory and figured out how to celebrate. Already at the end of autumn 2018, the chair has planned a second wedding with Marina Anisina those. Litigation again United the divorced spouses. Celebrations will be held in an ancient castle in Scotland, where living relatives of the actor, or Denmark — he has not yet decided. But the artist knows that after marriage the newly acquired spouse will ask a third child, reports "StarHit".


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